Top Ten Tuesday #11-Top Ten Books I've Read so Far in 2013

Hello and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday,hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.Today we're presenting the "Top Ten Books We've Read so Far in 2013."And yes,I got tired of this picture I created as well so...I'll try to find something more creative.:)Don't forget to comment and leave your links below!

 1.Dare You To By Katie McGarry
I'm officially obsessed with Katie McGarry's books.And of course,officially addicted to Dare You To.This is probably the best book I've read in 2013.(My Review)

2.The Darkest Minds By Alexandra Bracken
Even if I'm really angry when I see this book in front of me,because of the ending of course...and yes I'm still complaining and obsessing over the ending.I have to admit that it was one of the best books I read so far this year.(My Review)

3.Such A Rush By Jennifer Echols
I'm in love with this book,the plot and of course the characters.Especially the characters.I could read this book every single day.(My Review)

 4.Catching Jordan By Miranda Kenneally
This is one of the first books I have read that has to do with football.Probably the only one and I was totally hooked when I read this book.The characters were so different and unique...Amazing and fascinating plot!(My Review)

5.The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden
Do I really need to explain myself?Some people might think I'm crazy because I'm just...literally obsessed with this book.I talk about it all the time.That is because it was one of the most heartbreaking,touching and beautiful stories I have ever read.(My Review)

6.Throne Of Glass By Sarah J. Maas
I loved Throne of Glass and I consider it one of the best books I have read this far in 2013.I'm desperate to read Crown of Midnight and I just can't wait.Waiting for a release of a book you're dying to read is pure torture.(My Review)

7.Wait For You By J. Lynn
I finished reading this book like...yesterday,but the story was so heartbreaking,romantic,beautiful and unique.I was just...hooked.Seems like I'm more obsessed with heartbreaking and beautiful stories than ever before!(My Review)

8.One Tiny Lie By K.A. Tucker
Another book I read recently and fell in love with immediately.Another one of those beautiful,heartbreaking and unique stories I was talking about.(My Review)

9.Biting Cold By Chloe Neill
I don't think to explain anything when it comes to this book either.I found the next book in the series which is House Rules,and I wanted to pick it up so damn much but...the cover was just...awful.But I might put that aside when I see it in front of me and buy it.Because I just can't wait to see what happens next.(My Review)

10.Breathe By Abbi Glines've guessed it.Another one of those stories I consider touching,heartbreaking and beautiful.The story of a rock star who fall completely and helplessly in love with his servant.

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  1. SNAP! I have Dare You To, Wait For You & The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden on my list too! And basically every other book is on my TBR pile! Excellent list :)

    New follower :)

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    1. I really can't wait for The Redemption of Callie & Kayden.The three books you mentioned are probably the best ones I have read this year!Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Both Throne of Glass and The Darkest Minds are at the top of my TBR. I've heard great things about both and cannot wait to dive in. Great list!
    Natflix&Books' TTT

  3. Great top ten! Throne of glass is on my list too:)

    My TTT:

    1. Can't wait for Crown of Midnight!Thanks for stopping by!


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