Monday, 24 June 2013

Wait For You By J.Lynn-Book 1-Wait For You

Avery leaves her family behind and she travels miles from home,to enter a college and escape what happened at a Halloween part five years ago.She leaves her past and what happened behind,along with her friends and family that turned their backs on her,and focuses on surviving.But that's all she's doing.Surviving.Now,she has two great friends and a guy she likes.Cam came into her life and he's not going away.She's afraid to get involved with him,but how can you say no to a guy like him.He is known at the bad boy,but he is caring,sweet and of when Cam gets too involved and wants to learn everything there is to know about Avery,will she let the past go and talk for the first time to someone about what happened...or will she let go of Cam instead?

I've been trying to find and read a book that is something more than everything else I've read the past few weeks.I've been trying to find and read something unique and different,and I've been meaning to pick this book up for a while...I'm really mad at myself for not picking it up sooner.This is one of those books that got me hooked and desperate to finish it from the moment I started reading.But the bad thing about the books that make you feel like that is the fact that you can't wait to finish them and when you want more.But unfortunately that was the story.And if you're reading this review,it might contain some spoilers that won't actually spoil you.If that makes any sense.

I loved Avery and understood why she did what she did.Her parents should have stood by her side and supported her...instead of caring for what other people thought.Their behavior made me want to punch something.I was so angry and because of them,Avery's life was practically destroyed.Her friends abandoned her,she was bullied...she even tried to kill her self.And instead of taking care of her...her mother was mad and only though about what other people would think.Are you serious?I mean...who does that.Some people might feel like her secret was revealed a bit too early,but it actually wasn't.Some things were revealed but it was like a complete puzzle missing a couple of pieces.Important ones.

Let's talk about's harder than I though to describe him...I'm just gonna ramble a bit about him.He is one of the sweetest and most caring characters I have ever read about in a book.He is patient and supportive.He is everything a girl could dream of.And he cooks.He made her cookies every single freaking Sunday.He was the perfect one to help Avery start living her life and let go of the past.He didn't judge her and he was always there.It was like Avery was repaid for everything she went through by meeting him.Everything she went through was replaced with hope and love because of him.

The relationship and story development was just...freaking fantastic.The relationship,the wait,the tension...It was real.I was hooked from the beginning.Cam and Avery's relationship was so touching and real and beautiful and everything a relationship has to be.Their moments together had me squealing and jumping up and down.The writing and the characters were incredible.The ending....The story should have been longer.So we could enjoy some more chapters of Cam and Avery and their relationship.It was disappointing when it ended.

A touching,beautiful,heartbreaking,wonderful and romantic story that had me jumping up and down.A story you have to read. 

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