Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ten Tiny Breaths By K.A. Tucker-Book 2-One Tiny Lie

After her parents die in a car accident and her sister almost loses her life as well...Livie has always been more stable and calm than her sister.She is responsible and even after seven years she keeps on making her dead parents proud of her.She gets accepted at Princeton,the college her dad went to and she's been dreaming to attend since she was little and of course...she wants to be a doctor.She promised her dad that she would make him proud.But what happens when everything she's ever known,the future she's been dreaming for herself all these years comes crumbling down?
Then we have Ashton.The boy who makes her temper flare and annoys her with his arrogant smirk and behavior.But that boy hides more secrets than she could even begin to imagine.And some people might even say that he is broken.Soon,she finds herself in really different situations from those she was used to and she has to finally let that promise she made to her father she can be herself and make her own choices.

I have to say that I read this book in like...a day.I couldn't wait to see what would happen and even though I haven't read Ten Tiny Breaths yet,I could easily understand the book since they aren't connected.Livie's sister appears in the book of course,along with some other characters I'm curious to learn more things about...but that didn't affect the whole story for me.It just made me want to read Ten Tiny Breaths even more.

Let's start by saying that I freaking loved this book.It was so interesting and the whole bad boy,good girl kind of thing just keeps getting better and better for me.I don't know why.But that's not the point.The writing style was also amazing and I loved the characters so much.This book is full of happy moments that made me smile,sad moments that made me really sad actually,moments full of sarcasm and humor that I loved and of course moments full of lies that made me want to punch some people in the face.

I walk away.I walk away from the voices,the shouts,the disappointment.I walk away from my deceptions,my mistakes,my regrets.I walk away from all that I am supposed to be and all that I cannot be.For all of it is a LIE.

That quote basically sums up what happens in both Livie and Ashton's lives.And it is one of my favorite quotes.Ever.The story for me was so realistic and heartbreaking.I loved every second of reading this book.I'm kind of sad that it is over.

This is a story with a love triangle that leaves the third person really heartbroken and mad but he get's over it.Some people might say that it wasn't even a love triangle since the couple was there from the beginning.They just didn't want to admit it to each other and to their own selves for various reason.But guys,sometimes,I was just so frustrated with Ashton and his idiotic-excuse me-behavior and choices when it came to Livie.And I have to tell you that after reading about situations like that,I just needed to get a break.Went away,did some breathing exercises and returned.Seriously.That doesn't mean that Ashton isn't my next bad boy/fictional crush of course.

I gave this book five out of five stars because I loved it and I think it deserves it.I thought about giving if four stars as well because the ending seemed a bit abrupt and rushed but I just couldn't do that.I loved it too much to give it four stars.So,if you're looking for an easy and enjoyable read,One Tiny Lie is the book you're looking for!

I received a free e-book copy of this book for my honest opinion from the publishers through NetGalley.


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