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Top Ten Books I'd Read Again {Top Ten Tuesday}


Hello guys and welcome to one of my favorite posts! We're here today for another Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! You can click on the host's blog to visit the original post and discover more wonderful blogs, who are sharing their top ten titles for today's topic, which is:
I put together a list of books I'd be more than glad to read again, sometime in the future possible! Make sure to let me know if you've read any of these and whether you enjoyed them or not! I definitely recommend them, in case they're on your TBR or you're interested in picking them up!
*The Falconer By Elizabeth May
Publication Date: May 2014
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

I've been wanting to reread the trilogy as a whole for a while now, because it is one of my favorites and I'd be more than happy to revisit the enchanting world the author managed to create through it! Highly recommend if you're a fan of fantasy mixed with steampunk elements that make The Falconer even more magical and intriguing than it is!

*Making Faces By Amy Harmon
Publication Date: October 2013
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

I can remember this book making me feel so much while I was reading it! I've actually reread it, but it made such an impression that I'd be more than happy to pick it up again soon. You can read my review here, if your interested in hearing my full thoughts on it!

*Harry Potter By J.K. Rowling
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

This is pretty self-explanatory for fans of the series, but I haven't read the Harry Potter books in years and I'd like to start from the beginning until I read the end, while watching the movies in between. We could do a read-a-thon at the beginning of the year, read a book per month and discuss it here, what would you guys think? Would you be interested?

*Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit By Jeanette Winterson
Publication Date: March 1985
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction

I read this masterpiece for my Contemporary Literature class at University and wrote an essay on it, which is why I'd like to read it again from a completely different perspective and then finally watch the mini series that is based on it! Jeanette Winterson was so ahead of her time and this is a book definitely worth reading if you're interested in Literature as something more than entertainment and want something deeper that will make you think!
*Our Chemical Hearts By Krystal Sutherland
Publication Date: October 2016
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary

I read this one two years ago and I'd like to reread it before finally watching the movie. Not going to lie, I wasn't too fond of the trailer, but I definitely want to compare the two and I'm really curious to see how the events of the book were translated into the big screen! You can read my thoughts on the novel right here!

*The Hating Game By Sally Thorne
Publication Date: August 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

I absolutely adore this book! Yes, I do have a review of it up on the blog, if you want to read it! I just feel like it's such a light and fun novel and I remember that it got my mind off of things when I read it for the first time two years ago! Definitely worth your time if you're interested in reading it!

*The Little Prince By Antoine De Saint-Exupery
Publication Date: April 1943
Genres: Classic, Fiction

I've had the masterpiece that is The Little Prince on my shelves since I was young enough to read and I do pick it up once every year! Its true meaning though didn't resonate within me until I read it as an adult, after essentially growing up and being able to relate personal experiences with every single message it sends as one of the most important novels of the past, the present and the future itself! Definitely a must read!
*Chicagoland Vampires Series By Chloe Neill
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal

This is one of my all time favorite series and I decided to include it as a whole because I never managed to successfully complete it! There are thirteen books in the series, not including the novellas, and I only managed to read eight of them, which means that I will have to commit, start from the beginning and actually finish it this time around!

*How to Stop Time By Matt Haig
Publication Date: July 2017
Genres: Adult, Historical Fiction

I read How to Stop Time as soon as it came out and I have to say that it's one of the most amazing -kind of Magical Realism I'd say- that I've ever read. I gave my copy to one of my professors because I wanted her to experience its magnitude, which means that I don't own it at the moment and I need to keep my eyes wide open for any available copies at Awesome Books!

*This Mortal Coil By Emily Suvada
Publication Date: November 2017
Genres: Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Dystopian

This is by far the best Dystopian novel I've ever read and the reason I wanted to include it in today's topic, is because I'd like to reread it and finally finish the trilogy! Highly recommend it!

That was it for today's post you guys! Hope you enjoyed going through the books I'd be more than happy to read again. Make sure to let me know which books you'd like to reread or leave your links in the comments below if you've participated in today's Top Ten Tuesday as well!

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  1. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit was such a good read.

    My post.

    1. Totally agree! Jeanette Winterson's writing gets me every time!

  2. I loved reading The Hating Game, Oh I should read Making Faces, that has been on tbr since it was released!
    Also new GFC follower here! I think I am your 100th follower too! Congratulations!
    Here's my post

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, you definitely need to read Making Faces! It was such a phenomenal read!

  3. This Mortal Coil was so good! I need to continue the series.

  4. Loved Our Chemical Hearts, and Making Faces had me a hot mess.

    1. Can't wait to reread Making Faces, it made me feel so many things at once!

  5. I would totally read Making Faces again. It's still one of my top favorites of Harmon's.

    1. I really need to pick up the rest of her books. Making Faces is the only one I've read!

  6. Making Faces is one of many Amy Harmons I'd like to read. I'm glad you liked it so much you want to reread it!

    I've never heard of Our Chemical Hearts, book OR movie, but I'm always excited to hear about YA contemporaries who've earned the latter. I'll have to check this out.

    Rereading Harry Potter is on my maybe-i'll-actually-do-it-this-time list for 2021. I'm planning to read the illustrated version this time, for extra incentive!

    1. OMG I'm dying to get my hands on the illustrated versions of Harry Potter... They're so so expensive though! Our Chemical Hearts is definitely worth reading! I have no idea if the movie is worth it, but I'm definitely giving it a try as soon as I reread the book. As for Making Faces...YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY READ IT!

  7. I definitely need to re-read the Falconer series at some point too. I really enjoyed it :)

  8. I definitely think I'll be checking out The Little Prince again sometime soon. What a great book.

    1. I always seem to discover something more every time that I read it!


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