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I'm a 19 year old book lover from Cyprus and I'm currently studying the beautiful language of English at the University of Greece. I'm the youngest of three children and I've always been fascinating by everything that has to do with reading, writing and drawing. 

I started this blog to share my thoughts with fellow readers and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. The one year off I took from blogging made me realize how much I actually missed it so, I'm ready to get back on track.

Another one of my wisest decisions, is Loki. I adopted him a year ago and I couldn't imagine life without him. He was left on the streets actually and as soon as I saw him? I fell in love on the spot! Even though he tends to...destroy things. After all this time!

I read because seriously? What would the world be like otherwise? I can't remember myself without a book in my hands and I'm pretty sure that, my parents have never stopped being frustrated with me for reading more than doing anything else. And when I say anything, I mean anything. 

But my question has always been: Why settle for one world when I can visit hundreds? Why limit myself to reality, when there are so many stories out there, waiting to be discovered?

I have found my self through books and I couldn't have been happier. So many hours spent turning pages, falling in love with characters, being fascinating by unique plots and being carried away by beautiful writing! I wouldn't change it for the world.

I get angry when people tell me that, they don't read books. And believe me, it happens a lot. Like, what do you mean you don't read? What are you doing with your life? I always carry a book with me and I can never leave the bookstore without one! 

Except from reading, I love drawing. It calms down my restless soul immensely and takes me to a different, calmer version of my reality. I love coffee because, who doesn't? But I might have to tone the sugar down a little. I also started dancing recently, discovering thus, another passion of mine that I've been wanting to explore for ages. 

I love movies of course and going to the cinema is one of my favorite pastimes. Alone or with friends, I don't really mind. I'm also a writer/article writer for a Greek website! 

P.S. Yes, I like showing everyone pictures of Loki because, he is so handsome. And he looks so much better than I ever could in pictures.

You can contact me at: elena97boom@hotmail.co.uk

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