Friday, 10 March 2017

Series Or Standalones? - Discuss & Wonder #2

Welcome to another discussion at Book Lady's Reviews. I've been on the fence recently, about whether I prefer starting series or just reading stand alone novels. 

In the past, I was a huge fan of discovering new series, falling in love with the characters I was introduced to while reading them and following them down the road to countless adventures, twists and turns.

Recently though, it's been a while since I read the first book of a series and enjoyed it enough to actually continue on with the rest. Usually, the first book doesn't manage to interest me enough and motivate me to pick up the sequels. 

And mind you, I used to hate stand alone novels. Especially when I fell in love with everything about one and was dying for more. Whenever I came across a stand alone title I really wanted to read, I was usually discouraged by the fact that, it wasn't part of a series.

Which is crazy, I know. That has changed recently because I let go of that particular mindset. I've been reading a lot of stand alone novels lately and I've been enjoying them a lot more than I had anticipated. Some of them don't even make the cut of course, based on my preferences and standards as a reader, but there are some that I immensely enjoyed reading. 

There's no doubt though that, both stand alone titles and series have their ups and downs. Especially when you're in the process of deciding whether you want to continue on with a series or not. I say process because, believe me, it takes me ages to decide if I want to pick up the sequels of a book series I neither loved nor hated. But that's definitely a story for another time and a discussion for a future post!

Let's discuss the:
💥You get attached to so many characters and can't wait to follow them on more adventures, through the pages of each book.

💥There's always more to read and when you finish the first book, you can just continue on whenever you feel like it.

💥There's more of everything. New adventures, new plot twists and most importantly, a kind of happily ever after. 

💧They get so frustrating sometimes. Especially when the addition of yet another book, was definitely not needed.

💧They get repetitive and you get bored. It's inevitable.

💧If you're not 100% dedicated, you'll probably have a hard time finishing a series. 

💧Sometimes, even if you do manage to reach the ending, there's still no closure for you at the end of the road. Hmm, Ignite Me is the perfect example!

💧THE WAIT! Reading the first book in a series and waiting for a year until the release of the second is just, TORTURE!

💥 The satisfaction of starting a book that will most likely involve drama and will end without leaving behind any doubts or questions.

💥Usually, quick and easy reads that will grow on you and make you want to read them again and again.

💥Who said you can't have all the information you need, in the pages of just one book? No need for more. 

💥 Especially when there's closure. Or a happily ever after. Nothing left to wonder about or lose sleep over.

💧Sometimes, it might not reach your expectations and you'll probably be left feeling completely dejected. 

💧If you end up enjoying it but don't find the ending satisfying enough, there won't be any more chapters for you to find closure from.

💧If you find the characters difficult to connect to, there won't be a chance for you to do so later on. Same goes for the plot. Neither the one nor the other will develop to the point where you'll actually get attached to them.

💧Sometimes, the story is rushed and as a result, a lot of things are left unanswered. Which just leaves you wondering about things that should have been explained more thoroughly.

So, what do you think? Comment below telling me whether you prefer series or stand alone books. For me, it depends on whether I find the first book in a series interesting enough to keep reading. Or the characters and the plot are enough to make me give the series it self a chance. As for stand alones, I love reading them but, sometimes I feel like they ended abruptly and the authors didn't give them any chances to develop and become something more. Something better.

Also, it definitely depends on my mood and what I feel like reading next. Nowadays, a series really has to leave me speechless in order for me to actually commit to it!


  1. I tend to read more series than standalones, but sometimes it's nice to just get a whole story wrapped up in one book. Series that are made up of standalone novels are a fantastic compromise---they're probably my favorites!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Totally agree! Series made up of standalones are definitely my favorite! It's been a while though since I stumbled upon a series that I fell in love with and that's very disappointing.

  2. I tend to read more series than standalones, but I think that's just how it works out. It's not really a choice I make consciously. My friend said her plan to tackle her Netgalley books is to do all the standalones first, because they don't require reading other books to get to them (if they aren't first in the series). I'm considering doing that myself.

    1. That's what I always try to do as well. I used to read so many series in the past because I was genuinely not interested in stand alones. Maybe it was because I wasn't that much into contemporary then-since contemporary YA books are usuallu standalones- which definitely has changed.I love discovering new series but, it has come to the point where I have to enjoy the first book in order to continue on with the rest.


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