Top Ten Tuesday #47 - Top Ten Bookish Problems We Have

Hello and welcome to Top Ten Tuesday, a bookish meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.It's been such a long time since my previous TTT post so I'm really excited to start posting these again!This Tuesday's theme:

"Top Ten Bookish Problems We Have"
1.Choosing which book/s to buy next.
I'm pretty sure that everyone of us has no idea what book to buy next.And it's not like we-including my self of course-don't have an endless TBR shelf we can choose books's the fact that so many books get published each month.It's just impossible not to buy any.Especially those you're been anticipating for a really long time.And when the list of books you want to acquire is enormous it's so difficult to choose which books to buy next...Especially if you know that you can't spend a ridiculous amount of money on those books...

2.Choosing which book to read next.
That TBR shelf to choose books from I was talking about...Yeah.Choosing which book to read next is definitely as difficult as choosing which book to buy next.There are so many options and so many different worlds to lost yourself in.If I could I would read them all at the same time but unfortunately...that's impossible.

3.No more space to store books.
I think this is a serious problem for every single one of us who collects books.Of course that doesn't stop us from buying more books right?At least it hasn't personally stopped me before.But it's still so frustrating when you have no more space on your bookshelf to store the new books you have acquired.Which leads me to our next problem...

4.Getting rid of books.
Getting rid of books can be both heartbreaking and necessary.There are books you have read but didn't enjoy that much or books that have been sitting on your bookshelf for a long time and you know you'll never read.Nevertheless,it's still hard to get rid of them.It helps with the whole space problem and that the main reason this happens but...still.I recently decided to get rid of some books just to leave some space empty on the bookshelf...And I managed it until I bought other books to fill that space.Yeah...that's what will always happen.

5.Books that have been on my shelf for years but I haven't read yet.
It's fine for me to get rid of books I know for sure that I will never read but when it comes to books that I desperately want to read but have been sitting on my shelf for a while...I can't do it.I can't get rid of them but at the same time,I don't have time to read them all.One of my reading goals this year is to try and read as many of those books as possible so I hope I'll manage it!

6.Not having people to share bookish thoughts with.
For me...this is one of the most serious problems I personally face because I have no one to talk to when it comes to books.And it can be really annoying sometimes especially when I'm dying to have a conversation about a book I liked or disliked with someone who has read that particular book.The only way I can share my thoughts on books is through the internet and sometimes that isn't enough.

7.Not enough time to read.
If I could,I would read for every single minute of the day but unfortunately I can't.And I've recently noticed that my reading time has been reduced a lot in comparison to previous years.I hate the fact that I don't have as much time to read as I had in 2013 for example.Because that was one of my best reading years.And I sincerely hope that in the future I'll be able to read a lot more because reading is a way of life for me and I can't imagine a future without it!

8.Nobody understands my love for books and why I apparently "waste" money on books when I could spend them on something more useful.
 I hate it when people,especially my family underestimate my love for reading so much.Countless fights have occurred between us because I buy books instead of buying clothes or other things that I can use.Which in my opinion is ridiculous because everyone spends their money in a different way.Some people might buy clothes,some people might buy make up...The list goes on and on.I'm not saying that you should spend all your money on books...I saved up most of the money I made from work to use during the winter on other things but I used a part of that money to buy books.It's completely natural.

9.Reading Slumps.
I was on a huge reading slump during the summer.I didn't have any time to read because work tired me out and it was so difficult to balance my life and work.I rarely went out,I worked for the majority of the day,slept and just relaxed.And I'm pretty sure that Cruel Beauty helped a lot on the whole reading slump thing since after reading that particular book...I was so disappointed.

10.Books that belong in series and don't match.
This is so annoying.Especially when the publishers decided to change the covers after the whole series has been published except from the last book.For example the Lux series.There's a lot more but that particular cover change made me so angry.The height of a book plays a big role in the whole matching series thing as well.I have books that don't match in height and I hate it.I recently got Isla and the Happily Ever After just to discover that it's height doesn't match those of Anna and Lola.They were supposed to sit together on the shelf but that can never happen.

These were only a few of the bookish problems we all have.There are a lot more which I am sure have been mentioned in other posts.These were the ones that came to my mind as soon as I read this week's topic!

Happy Reading!


  1. Having no on to talk to about books - that's why we're all here, right? BTW, I like books to match too. Goes with my whole organizing, tidy side.

    1. Yes of course! We're all here tio share our thoughts about books with each other but sometimes it's nice to have someone from your friends or family to share bookish thoughts with! And I absolutely hate it when my books don't match. It's so frustrating... Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

  2. I take offense to people saying books are not useful, and I also take offense to cover changes ;) Haha.

    Also, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! :D check it out here!

    1. Cover changes are so frustrating!Thanks for stopping by and nominating me for the award!Happy Reading!


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