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From the Thrift Store

*The Chronicles of Narnia By C.S. Lewis

I've been wanting to get my hands on the Chronicles of Narnia for a while now and when I saw these beautiful editions at the thrift store...couldn't resist!

Here's a close up of the gorgeous covers:

*The Book Thief By Markus Zusak

I keep seeing The Book Thief at the bookstore and I never pick it up.It's in perfect condition and I got it for free along with the rest of the books since I exchanged them with some old books I didn't want anymore!

*The Silver Linings Playbook By Matthew Quick

Another one I keep seeing but never think about buying.I haven't watched the movie yet and I'm really interested in reading it to see what the hype is all about.

*The Lord Of the Rings Trilogy By J.R.R Tolkien

These are the fourth editions of the trilogy published in 1981.They look old,they smell old.I actually found them by accident while looking through some other books!

*Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I've been pretty obsessed with Buffy lately and when I saw the book at the bookstore I just grabbed it...I sincerely hope that it's as amazing as the series!


*Born At Midnight & Awake At Dawn By C.C. Hunter

These are the first two books in the Shadow Falls series and I've actually already read the first one but didn't own it.But that was ages ago and I really want to reread it and finish the whole series.

*The Shadow Society By Marie Rutkoski

I was between The Shadow Society and The Winner's Curse which is by the same author.I decided to go with this one because I haven't seen it around a lot and it's one of her older books.I'll get my hands on The Winner's Curse soon though because I'm really interested in reading it!

*Heir Of Fire By Sarah J. Maas

The title says it all!!!

*Isla & the Happily Ever After By Stephanie Perkins

 It feels like I read the Anna and Lola ages ago!But Isla is finally out and I can't wait to start reading it!

*The Pirate's Wish By Cassandra Rose Clarke

I haven't read the first book in the series yet but I heard that the publication company is closing down and they are going to stop printing the books so...I thought I'd pick it up and read The Assassin's Curse as soon as I can!

*Arcadia Awakens By Kai Meyer

This was more of an impulse purchase since I haven't heard anything about this book.I saw it at the bookstore,read the synopsis and bought it.Simple as that.But it does sound interesting!
*We Were Liars By E.Lockhart

I got this a while ago but haven't read it yet.To tell you the truth...I think it's gonna be sitting on my bookshelf for a while.I'm dying to read it but at the same time...I'm not so sure if I'm going to like it.

*The Lies of Locke Lamora By Scott Lynch

As soon as I read the synopsis of this book...I was hooked.I'll probably wait until the summer to read it though because it's pretty big and it'll take a lot of time for me to finish it.

*Falling Into Place By Amy Zhang

One of my most anticipated books of the year!!!

For Review/Blog Tour

 *Red By Alyxandra Harvey

I got this today for a blog tour coming in March and I started reading it immediately!It's really good so far.

These are all the new books I have added to my shelves these past couple of weeks.What did you guys get?

Feel free to comment below and leave your links.I'd be more than happy to check them out! 


  1. Great haul! We Were Liars is one of my all time favorite books. It's so great! I've been meaning to start reading the Throne of Glass series because I've heard tons of great things. I hope you enjoy all of your books. :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. Throne of Glass is one of my favorite series.Highly recommend it!Happy reading and thanks for stopping by!

  2. You should have tried The Winner's Curse, I preferred it by far to The Shadow Society - in fact I had second hought about reading The Winner's Curse because I hasn't enjoyed The Shadow Society at all. Red looks great though!

    New follower :)

    My haul this week

    I'm also giving away the book of your choice from The Book Depository. Check it out here

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and following!I'll probably get my hands on The Winner's Curse sooner rather than later because it sounds amazing.And I'm currently reading is great indeed!!Highly recommend.

  3. Isla and the Happily Ever AFter I need to read. Great haul!
    Check out my STS


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