Top Ten Tuesday #42 - Top Ten Characters I'd Like to Have as My Best Friends

Hello and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.Today's topic:

"Top Ten Characters I'd Like to Have as My Best Friends"
*Rachel & Abby From Crash Into You
 She's such a loyal and caring character who I'd love to have as a best friend.By the end of the book,she finds herself and shows the world who she really is in the process...And Abby...I loved her and I had to mention her.I loved her as much as I did Rachel and I really want the author to write a book about her!

I love Lola.She's like a breath of fresh air...She's fun,caring and she doesn't care about what other people think.She's impulsive,passionate and brave.I'd love to have her as a best friend!

*Sadie From Breathe 
She's one of the strongest and most responsible characters I've ever read about!And it would be an honor to have her as a best friend.She was also unique,caring and loyal.Everybody adored and that says a lot for her character and personality!

*Isabelle Lightwood From The Mortal Instruments
I like Clary but Isabelle is by far my favorite character.She is witty,strong and kick-ass.I think everybody needs a friend like that!

*Katy & Dee From Obsidian
I fell in love with Katy and Dee from the moment I started reading Obsidian.I feel really connected to both of them and of course I'd like to have them as best friends.

*Ari & Janco From Poison Study
They are both funny,caring and loyal.I love them so much and they hold a special place in my heart,even after all this time.They are two of my favorite secondary characters and I know that id they were my friends they would protect me and support me!

*Percy,Annabeth & Grover From Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Who wouldn't love to have Percy,Annabeth and Grover as friends.they're brave,adventurous and always have each others backs which I admire!

*Anna From Sweet Evil
Anna is without a doubt one of the sweetest people if not THE SWEETEST.She's also strong and makes some smart decisions which is awesome!

*Suze From The Mediator
Suze has that impulsiveness and fiery independence that I love in a person.She is sarcastic and fiercely protective of those she loves.She's perfect!

I don't know if this counts because I haven't finished the book yet but I think that me and Amy would get along well and I'd really to have her as a friend!

Feel free to comment below and leave your links so I can check out you lists!


  1. I would totally love to be Lola's best friend as well. She's just so preppy and I adore her upbeat attitude. And Isabelle--I find her the most similar to me from all of the TMI cast. Ari and Janco, lol. Gotta love these guys. PERCY, ANNABETH and GROVER? Hell yes. This is one of my favorite series and I would love to be friends with these three! Awesome list, Elena! <3

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

    1. Haha!Having all those for friends would be awesome!Thanks for stopping by!!!

  2. I really love Katy and Dee they are awesome. And I would love to be their friend. :)

    My Top Ten Tuesday

    Whitney@Shooting Stars Reviews

  3. Great idea for a list! I would love Katy and Dee was my best friends too, they are awesome characters. I really need to hurry up and read Percy Jackson, I hear such great things about that series. Here's my TTT :)

    1. Highly recommend Percy Jackson!:)Thanks for stopping by!


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