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Darkness Before Dawn By J.A. London {Review}

Only sunlight can save us.
We built the wall to keep them out, to keep us safe. But it also makes us prisoners, trapped in what's left of our ravaged city, fearing nightfall.
After the death of my parents, it's up to me as the newest delegate for humanity to bargain with our vampire overlord. I thought I was ready. I thought I knew everything there was to know about the monsters. Then again, nothing could have prepared me for Lord Valentine . . . or his son. Maybe not all vampires are killers. Maybe it's safe to let one in.
Only one thing is certain: Even the wall is not enough. A war is coming and we cannot hide forever. 

 After vampires revealed themselves and the war between them and humans ended,walls were built to protect the humans from the vampires.But they're not safe enough.People fear the night and only sunlight can save them.And in Denver,things get complicated when Dawn,the bridge between humans and vampires is saved but an unknown man who she believes is a Watchman.And when the truth is revealed,Dawn realizes that not all vampires are monsters.But can she convince others,who live with the fear of death,that the creatures they are running from aren't that bad?And what about the vampire that makes her feel things she hasn't felt before?Will they be able to do something before it's too late?

Dawn was a strong and brave character.I connected with her from the beginning,physically and emotionally and I could understand how difficult her life was.So many people depended on her and if she made the wrong choices or said the wrong things,she jeopardized everyone's lives,including hers.What I really appreciated and admired though was that she was a really caring and loyal character,genuinely concerned about other people who she always thought of before she thought about herself.She doesn't hesitate to protect the people she loves and does everything she can to make things right.She was really unique as a character and I immensely enjoyed reading about her and her life.

Victor was perfection.He might be a vampire but he was different and he showed Dawn that not all of them were monsters.He was one of the most caring male characters I've ever met in a book and it was quite refreshing.He didn't only care for some people,he cared for everyone which was obvious and he had feelings.I think he is perfect for Dawn but the future is unclear for them since relationships between vampires and humans never end in a nice way.Which is ridiculous but yeah.

Moving on to the secondary characters...Micheal,Dawn's boyfriend didn't really make a good impression since he transformed into this moody,annoying person who got into a fight with his girlfriend because she didn't want to put their lives in danger by going outside the night.She had a right be cautious and not only did he fight with her,but he also ignored her and flirted with her rival just because she didn't want to risk her life doing something reckless,stupid and pointless.That scene was really frustrating.In spite of the fact that Michael ended up being a jerk,I adored Dawn's best friend and I think that they complete each other in the best way.

This was one of those books that I really wanted to read but never enough.Maybe that's why I didn't pick it up earlier.Either way,I'm really glad I decided to finally read it!I fell in love with the characters and the idea of it but even though I really enjoyed it,I felt like it was a bit predictable and sometimes slow paced.I think that the sequel will be more fast paced and action packed which brings me to the conclusion that this was an interesting beginning to the trilogy.It wasn't perfect but it succeeded in making me want to pick up the rest of the books which means a lot.

Darkness Before Dawn was an enjoyable and quick read,which fans of vampires will definitely enjoy!

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