Top Ten Tuesday #22-Top Ten Book Turn-Offs You Encounter While Reading

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.Every week we present our Top Ten for a different topic.Today's topic are the "Top Ten Book Turn-Offs you Encounter While Reading!"

*Love Triangles:When I start reading a book and there's an obvious love triangle thing going on...Just no.I think I've talked about love triangles before and yes...I hate love triangles with a passion...

*Insta-love:It might work for me sometimes but...Seriously?You just saw the guy and you're in love with him?And after the first couple of chapters you're together?Come on!You just met the guy...

*Predictable Story/Ending:You read a book and before you even finish can tell what's gonna happen.Because it's just so obvious what's gonna happen and you just sit there...reading and then when you're finished...there's no excitement because you knew what was gonna happen.

*Whiny Female Characters:I love kick ass heroines so a main character that always complains isn't what I'd call fun to read...

*Mermaids:If I start reading a book and it has mermaids in it...I just don't like books with mermaids.They're not my thing!

*Different POVs:Now don't get me wrong.I love it when there are chapters told from the girl's perspective and chapters told from the guy's perspective in the same story...But that's it.I'm just gonna give an example: House of Night Series.I loved the first books in the series but after the fifth or sixth book if I'm not mistaken...the POVs changed so fast it was confusing.

*Suicide:I know you actually read the synopsis of the book and if it talks about suicide you just not pick it up...but if a character in a book commits suicide...No thanks.

*Flat characters:Of Poseidon.I know many people loved it but let's face it...It did nothing for me.Not trying to offend anyone by the way.If I start reading a book and I can't connect with the characters or as I've put it before...the characters are flat...Not for me.

*Books that aren't exactly finished:What do I mean?You read a stand alone book and after you finish it...You're still curious about some things the author didn't care to explain.And then you search the book on Goodreads and find out that the author isn't going to release a sequel...Seriously?

*No plot Development:I'm a sucker for plot twists and adventure.I know that I'm reading a lot of NA lately but that's not my point.If there's no plot development...there's no story and after a's just pain boring.

So what go you think?
What are your Top Ten Book Turn-Offs?
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  1. And, yet, I have a student that asks for books about mermaids every week she comes to the library. Is there an author out there who is writing books for Kate?! I hope so.

    Here's my Top Ten.

  2. We have many things the same this week. I can't stand Insta-Love or Love triangles either. Whiny characters annoy me too.

  3. hahaha... why does everyone hate mermaids?!? i'm not saying i love them... to be honest.. i've never read a book about mermaids, but to face this fear i bought Of Poseidon. haha it will be my first mermaid book and i hope i don't end up hating them as much as everyone else seems to. haha

  4. Love your list, I never read a book about mermaids. Haha.

  5. I have never read a book about mermaids, except the children's story about Ariel which my niece really likes :) Nice list!

  6. Whiny characters were on my list too. I just can't stand it. Awesome list!

    My TTT

  7. Mermaids are not my thing, either. It's kind of sad because they would be if I could find an interesting book about them, lol. Predictability in a story is very annoying, especially if it's the last novel in a series. Happy reading and great list!


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