Monday, 10 June 2013

Leaving Paradise By Simone Elkeles-Book 1-Leaving Paradise

Leaving Paradise tells the story of two very different people.The thing is that they pretty much destroyed each others lives.Maybe the word I used seems a bit harsh but that's the best way to explain it.Caleb has spent the last year in jail,paying for being drunk and hitting his sister's best friend with his car.When he gets out of jail,he goes back to his family just to discover that everything has changed.Everyone is just a shell of what they used to be.Maggie's life changes after the accident.She spends her last year in hospitals and when Caleb comes back,she is terrified.Because of him she lost her friends and the chance she had to get away from Paradise.Her old friends didn't support her when she needed them and now,they don't even acknowledge her existence.For Caleb life starts going back to normal if you take out the fact that he's family is a mess.For Maggie it is not so easy.When fate brings them together at the most unexpected place,Maggie will find comfort in the person she thought she hated and Caleb will fall for the girl he never even bothered to look at before.Something brings those two together and makes them have something special just to take it away in the end.

No need to say that I loved this book.Everything felt so real,I was so sad and angry about what happened at Maggie,sad and angry about what Caleb went through so he could keep a secret.I was also really sad when something bad happened in the book.I probably felt every single emotion there is to feel while reading this book.And if you've read this can't tell me that the end wasn't a cliffhanger.Cause it definitely was.Seriously?It was heartbreaking.Reading this book was also an amazing experience.Sometimes you learn many things from books even if you don't know it.Through this book you see how a seventeen year old girl goes through so much stuff and how she copes with the difficulties life has thrown her way.You also learn to believe in yourself and screw-excuse me-what people say.It's about being strong and accepting who you are.It's also about love and forgiveness.That's just a small part of what I felt and learned while reading Leaving Paradise.

I read Perfect Chemistry a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to read something different from the same author.I'm so glad I did.The story of course was told from both Maggie and Caleb's perspectives and I always love that.It helps people understand why the main characters do the things they do.The plot was really unique and I fell in love with the characters.I believe everyone would love to have the strength and spirit the two main characters in this book had.Don't forget the families of the main characters.We didn't get to learn to much about them but it was clear that they suffered as well.

I adored this book and can't wait to read the sequel so I can find out what happens with the characters and if they'll have a happy ending. 

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