Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #8

 Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.Today I get to choose what my Top Ten list is gonna be since it's a Freebie Tuesday.And at first I wasn't sure about the theme I chose,but I ended up picking my "Top Ten Bookish Habits."Something completely different but it doesn't really matter.

*I have to have a book with me.Wherever I go.Especially at school since teachers are so boring sometimes.I always end up reading instead of watching the teacher talk.

*I don't like lending my books to other people.It might seem a bit selfish but,when I did that ,my books came back scratched and a bit ruined.

*I rarely get books from the library.And if I ever do,I end up buying them.

*I have the bad habit of reading many books at once.I'll just take a break from one book and start another and so on.

*I can't get rid of a book...Even if I hate it.

*If I get fascinated by a book and can't put it down,I end up sleeping at four o' clock in the morning and finishing the book.

*I have to own most of the book I read.In physical form.Cause that's the way it goes.

*I hate cover changes with a passion.You can't just change the covers like that.They have to match.Especially when it's the last book of a series.You have them all there and bammmm....the last one is different.

*I highlight stuff in my books.I know that some people hate doing that.Some people have stick notes but I just have the bad habit of highlighting quotes I love in a book.

*When I buy books at a bookstore,they always have to throw my books in the bag.And I'm like.What the heck.Watch what you're doing with my book.I actually said that once.Not the what the heck part though.


  1. haha I'm much like you, Elena. I can't get rid of books. I have a hard enough time even passing on duplicates! I've moved so many times though, that my sweet bf keeps telling me I need to whittle down my numbers ;)

    1. I tried giving away some books once and it totally didn't work!!

      Thanks for checking my list!

  2. I totally relate to you. I let someone borrow a book and it came back gross! I have at least 2 books with me, its a sercutiy blanket. My friend always gets in trouble for reading during class. PS: New follower!


    1. Reading in class is awesome:)Thank you for following!!


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