Sunday, 5 May 2013

Call of the Forgotten By Julie Kagawa-Book 1-The Lost Prince

The Lost Prince follows the story of Meghan's little brother(from the Iron Fey series of course)Ethan,who has grown up...a lot.And he has changed.So when one of his friends goes missing,he sets on a journey to find him and faces what he has been trying to avoid since Meghan left.

First of all,I have to admit that it was a bit strange,seeing the world the way Ethan saw it and having him as the main character.Everything was told from his point of view and I was just surprised because I was used to things told by Meghan's point of view.And I knew Ethan as a little boy,as Meghan's little brother but now he has apparently grown up...a bit.He was a different person and it was a bit see him as a grown up teenager and all.He's become a different person,with the whole rudeness and attitude going on...I just didn't connect with him as I hoped I would.But I was so happy and excited to see the other characters that I missed so much.Even though they were secondary characters,I was so glad to see Puck,Meghan,Ash and all those other characters I've loved so much again.I was also really glad for the opportunity to get to know Keirran,Ash and Meghan's son.And I was really surprised to realize that I kinda loved him a bit more than Ethan.And that's a bit surprising because after all,he is a secondary character.The plot was amazing and even though there were some slow parts,it was impossible to be bored.There were just so many things going on that it was unacceptable to be bored.

I loved Julie Kagawa's writing,the plot,the action scenes and of course the fact that I got to read about the secondary characters which of course I loved while reading the Iron Fey Series.Because I missed the characters so much.The only thing that didn't work out for me was the romance.But what's gonna gonna happen.As for the Iron Traitor...I believe everybody(including me)already suspects who the traitor is going to be.And that's just so sad.If you guys read Iron's'll know what I'm talking about.In the meantime,I hope you guys enjoyed the book and most important...enjoyed being sucked into the world of the fey for another time.


I received a free copy of The Lost Prince from the publishers through NetGalley for an honest review.

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