Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #2

It's Tuesday so it's time for the Top Ten Tuesday challenge,originally created by The Broke and the Bookish.This Tuesday we have a Top Ten REWIND which means that we get to choose a previous top ten theme we missed.So I decided to go ahead and present to you the ''Top Ten Books I'm Dying to Read" since there are so many of those lately.

 Revenats #1 By Amy Plum-Die For Me
I started reading this somewhere and it left me with a feeling of desperation.Because I loved those few chapters I read.The story was really intriguing and I believe when I get to read it like,really read it...I won't be disappointed.

I've literally wanted to read this book since the moment I laid eyes on the amazing cove over here.When I discovered it on Goodreads and read the description,I was like....I need this book right now.So I still do need it if you're wondering.But don't worry I'm gonna get my hands on it really soon.

First of all...look at the freaking damn cover.Just looking at it...makes me happy.I read Throne of Glass a in February and it has become one of my obsessions.So now I can't wait till they release this baby over here so I can get my hands on it.And I'm literally dying to read Crown of Midnight.

Since reading the Immortal Rules I can't get The Eternity Cure out of my mind.Another one of the books that haven't been released yet but I'm dying to read.

Dirty Little Secret By Jennifer Echols 
I fell in love with Such a Rush when I read it and I really want to read Jennifer Echol's new book...Yeah...another one that hasn't been released yet.Such a Rush left me with a feeling of longing because I really wanted to read more.So this is my opportunity to see what the author came up with.

This one is probably my most anticipating freaking book of 2013.I want to read this book so so much that it actually hurts.Seriously I'm dying to read this book.After reading Grave Mercy,I was totally hooked!And now it's time for Sybella's story to captivate me.


I loved the Mythos Academy Series so much from the first book.So I kinda read the three first books the one after the other next year and I had to wait a long time for Crimson Frost to be released.But it's finally time for me to get my hands on it.


This book over here piqued my interest from the moment I laid my eyes on it.It just seems so interesting.And it's probably nothing like the books I'm used to read it...but still.I feel like I need to read it.


Apparently this one here is about healers and fighters.And about a girl who doesn't want to be a healer but a fighter.I'm literally desperate to read this book.I was thinking about ordering it but I'm waiting till I find it in paperback.
Yes that's right.

This is one of those books everybody's been raving about for months.And half if not all of the people in the book community have already read it.But unfortunately I didn't.Yet.After reading Lola and the Boy Next Door(yeah I read that one first)I'm really desperate to read this beauty over here!!!

So these were the "Top Ten Books I'm (literally) Dying to Read".Come back next Tuesday for a new Top Ten Tuesday post.

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