Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Pledge By Kimberly Derting-Book 1-The Pledge

Seriously?The Pledge was a disappointment.At least that's what I thought.I wanted to read it so badly but when I did...I really don't know why I wasn't as excited as I am when reading an amazing book.I read the Body Finder and I found it extremely good.I don't know what happened with The Pledge.Maybe it's not my kind of thing because I expected more action and stuff like that.I don't say that it was the worst book....No, not at all.The plot was really unique and different in its own way....A good way of course.
I really liked the characters and the heroine...Charlie was really good.I loved Angelina's character though and I think what kept me focused on the plot and the book itself was the little girl who couldn't talk and turned out to be a princess with healing powers.I loved the way she and Charlie were together until the end.And the only time in this book I felt excited and overwhelmed was when Angelina talked.Maybe overwhelmed isn't the right word to describe it but I'm using it anyway.I think the end was the most interesting part in this book.Especially the last scene with Max and Charlie...Well that was awesome!!!And I was a bit surprised when I found out that Brooklyn was part of the revolution.But I've got to say what I thought.It seemed like Brooklyn betrayed Charlie.From the minute Charlie went with her in the club.Because the only reason Brooklyn wanted to take her there was for Xander to see her.I find such an action as a betrayal towards your best friend.And if I was Charlie...I would have left.Because Charlie in my opinion wasn't supposed to sit there while others were planning her future.Maybe she wanted to refuse...Maybe she didn't want to take the responsibility and become the queen.Turns out she became queen in the end.Anyway...I think it's pretty obvious that I'm going to read the second book.There's no chance I wouldn't read it anyway.I can't wait to see what happens even if I wasn't really excited about the first book.Something tells me that the next book'll be the big surprise!!!! 


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