Wednesday, 17 April 2013

MILA 2.0 Series By Debra Driza-Book 1-Mila 2.0

A devastating fire changes Mila's life forever...Now she's trying to make a fresh start even though the things that happened left her with a memory loss.But Mila is an android and she believes that she and her mother move to a new town because her father died in a fire.But then she realizes that she is different and after an incident that happens to reveal everything,Mila and her mother have to run.They have to get away from the people that created Mila.But when they are captured,Mila has to accept who she is,come to terms with being an android and help her mother and herself to survive.

At the beginning I wasn't really sure about Mila.The first half of the book flew by but the other half had me sitting on the edge of my sit...waiting to see what would happen next.I really enjoyed the story and I also loved Mila as a character.She's just so interesting and fascinating.She handled each and every one of her struggles with a manner I admired.Another thing that surprised me was Mila's relationship with her mother.She is characterized as a cold and standoffish mother,but as the novel progressed their relationship has some amazing developments.

Mila is not just an android or an experiment.She's ALIVE and she proves it many times.She acts exactly like a human being and she makes you believe that she's not just an android.Another thing I loved was the fact that the author described Mila's "machine" side and how she worked.That way it was easier to imagine it and stop wondering about it.Some people might say that the romance developed to fast at the beginning,but that was just Mila's emotions making an appearance.But for the rest of the book it kinda disappeared.And that was a bit disappointing.But if you think about it,it makes sense because it makes it clear that the story could continue being amazing without the romance having a big part in everything.The end was also amazing and breathtaking but it was,in my opinion a bit predictable.But that didn't stop me from loving it.

I hope that,the second book of the series will have more plot twists to offer so I'm so excited to see how the story proceeds!

I received Mila 2.0 from the publishers through NetGalley for an honest review.


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