Friday, 12 April 2013

Dante Walker Series By Victoria Scott-Book 1-The Collector

I'll start by saying that at the beginning,I couldn't actually understand what happened but then it all cleared out in my head.The story was unpredictable and I believe that,that was the first thing that made it even more awesome.Because when you never know and can't predict what will happen,you have to read more till you learn everything.That's what I think.

I have to say that I appreciated and loved the fact that the story was told from Dante's point of view.That made it even more intriguing and it was the second thing that made this book even more awesome.I used the word appreciate because I've never actually considered picking up a book told from a boy's perspective.And I'm not used to it.Most of the time if not always,books are told from the girl's point of view.But it was a new thing and I loved it.From now on,I'll give more chances to books told by a guy's perspective.

The third and final thing(in my opinion) that made the story and the way people see it more awesome was Charlie.The author didn't try to create a character looking like a model with beautiful skin and all that.She created a real teenage girl with real everyday problems,who cares about everyone,even the bad boy who was supposedly going to change her.But no.It was her who changed him.

And I think that's a message to everyone.You can't only judge someone by what they look like.A girl can be beautiful but inside,she could be no better than a rotten apple.But another girl with not so great looks and not so flawless skin can be the most amazing person you'll ever get the chance to meet.So I think the author tried to pass this message to real life as well.

The Collector is a book with great potential.The story and the covers were both clever and fascinating.The whole plot was unique and I really mean it.I've never read a book with a plot similar to this one.And that makes it even more special.The whole thing with the seals and the collector thing was fantastic.I can't wait to read the next book and learn what will happen.Really can't wait!!!

I received this book from the publishers through NetGalley for and honest review


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