Monday, 15 April 2013

Crush Series By Lacey Weatherford-Book 1-Crush

Lately I've been really into the whole teenager and high school and fallen in love kind of thing so...I said to myself...Why not read this book as well and give it a try since you'll be reading about that hot guy on the cover.Cause I tell you,he can relate to the main character more than 100%.When it comes to looks of course.

The book's basically told from two points of view.We have Hunter who's the main bad boy character and we have Cami who if you haven't guessed it already,is the good girl main character.Hunter is new to Cami's high school and after a while,those two start to have feelings for each other.But Cami's best friend from when she was five,becomes really possessive and makes it clear that he doesn't like Hunter.The relationship between those two starts to break and Hunter's relationship with Cami starts to move in the right direction if you know what I mean.Soon the attraction gets the best of them and they finally become a couple.But Clay's becoming more weird with each passing day.Hunter starts suspecting him,revealing to us unfortunate readers,why he is suspicious and why at the beginning he didn't want to date Cami.Apparently our hot guy...Hunter is actually a twenty one year old undercover cop trying to find the one responsible for a student's death three months ago.He's real name's Dylan but from what it seems he really cares about Cami so he pays more attention to Clay and his behavior.In the end he finds out that Clay was the one responsible for the death of that student.He created his own kinda of drug thing and poisoned him because he didn't want him anywhere near Abby.He tried to do the same thing with Hunter or Dylan or whatever.Cami doesn't want to believe anything even though Clay has become delusional and believes that he and Cami belong together.When the masquerade ball arrives,Clay manages to kidnap Abby,drugs her and tries to do some unspeakable things to her.But Hunted interferes,saves Cami and gets shot in the process.After everything he tried to do,his identity is revealed and Clay's dead.But Cami decides to forgive him and they finally end up together in the end.

I always like it when the story's told from both perspectives.It makes it easier to understand some things and keeps people from wondering what the heck the other character's thinking.That can be really disturbing some times.I enjoyed reading Crush and I loved the characters so much.The plot wasn't something really unusual but it seems that these kinda things are my weakness right now so it seems to me that I liked it.Okay not seems,I really liked.I didn't love it and that why I generously gave it four stars instead of three or five.I have to admit that one of those starts belongs to the characters and of course the cover.Because since reading Pushing the Limits,I kinda have a small weakness for redheads.And did I ever mention how much I love the name Hunter???


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