Monday, 22 April 2013

Chicagoland Vampires By Chloe Neill-Book 6-Biting Cold

This book deserves more than five stars.I've been obsessed with this series like...from the moment I read the first chapter of Some Girls Bite.And when I finished reading Biting Cold I was really surprised because I realize that I loved Merit and Ethan as characters even more.
Merit is loyal,strong and willing to risk her life-as always-for other people.She's also fun and has amazing fighting skills.I was a bit upset and frustrated with Ethan though.He kept pushing poor Merit away and that was not okay.Seriously?I thought we had gotten over the whole stay-away-from-Merit-to-protect-her thing.Fortunately,in the end everything was good.I was also surprised by how much I liked Tate.He seemed like a bad character but I was totally shocked with the revelations.Another thing I loved about the whole story is that from the beginning,the author put the characters into unbelievable situations.There were so many plot twists that you didn't know what to expect.For me,it's a good thing because after six books of the same characters,some people might say...Aren't you tired of these series yet?And the answer is of fact that there are plot twists makes the story and the characters even more fascinating and interesting.Many things happen in these six books.It's not a story you'll get bored with because in every single book something new happens that has you holding your breath and sitting at the edge of your sit.I haven't experienced the things I felt while reading Biting Cold and all the books in general...with like,other books.And I can officially declare that the books in the series are my favorite.Of all times.I hope it stays that way because I really don't want to be disappointed.


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