Beautiful Series By Jamie McGuire-Book 2-Walking Disaster

Some people might not want to read Walking Disaster after reading Beautiful Disaster.

At first,I had my doubts and I thought that if I read this book,I would waste my time.Because technically it's the same story but at Beautiful Disaster everything is told from Abby's perspective but here,we're inside Travis's head.
And I have to warn you.It might be the same story but it's even more thrilling than the other book.In Walking Disaster we get to experience how Travis felt about everything that happened.Why he did the things he did in Beautiful Disaster and learn his true feelings for Abby.You also get to learn what changed his life and of course,why he's calling Abby Pigeon.I've always wondered about that.It is not exactly the same thing as when everything was told from Abby's point of view.You get to know what he does when he's not with Abby and what he goes through when they break up or when they have fights.It's really unique and fascinating.I'm glad the author decided to write a second book about Travis because some times,when a book is told only from a person's perspective you always wonder what the other main character is thinking and why he does the things he does.Especially when he or she does something pretty stupid.The author also gives you the chance to learn what happens after many years and what happens with the characters after they get married.I was pretty emotional while reading Walking Disaster because of the fact that Travis truly loved Abby and sometimes,he did some things without thinking because he loved her.So yes I think you should read this book even if you have already read Beautiful Disaster.But I'm just so sad now that it ended.


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