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Beautiful Series By Jamie McGuire-Book 1-Beautiful Disaster

I can't even begin to describe my feelings about this book.It has become my new obsession.I couldn't get enough of the story,I couldn't get enough of the characters,I couldn't get enough of Travis,I couldn't get enough of basically everything.There were times that I really wished I could learn more about the characters but that didn't stop me from loving Beautiful Disaster.

I'm not gonna start writing what happened.I'll just finally write what I felt about this book.Travis,messed up as he was stole my hear.And because I can't even begin to describe how much I loved Abby I'll just say that she is the most amazing character.She's a kick ass heroine in her own way.She and Travis,messed up as they were managed to do the impossible.And by this I mean prove to everybody and of course,themselves that love can work.And you have to fight for what you want.Travis got jealous many times,couldn't control his temper,got angry easily.But that was him.That was his way of dealing with life.And then Abby comes along.Even though at times his behavior was frustrating,it was obvious that he was crazy about the girl...And of course it was obvious that she was crazy about him even thought there were times she didn't want to admit it.When those two were apart it was like I was suffering too.Because it's not easy to see two characters you ended up loving,struggle with life and suffer like that.And come on....they loved each other.No need to break up again and again.They were both miserable without each other.And at the beginning,it took them so long to figure our that they loved each other.COME ON!!!

Some of the reviews I read were saying that Travis was always jealous and his behavior and change of demeanor were disturbing and too much.Yes it was too much but wait till you read Walking Disaster.You could never know what Travis was thinking because everything was told from Abby's point of view.But if you want to know what was truly going on with him people,you should read Walking Disaster.You'll appreciate their relationship more.

Travis and Abby were both messed up but together they were perfect.If they were apart they were broken and suffering.They were incomplete.And for me that was the whole point.That's what I loved.The fact that even though they both had their flaws and difficult personalities,in the end,together the made it happen.They made love happen and that's what matters.They were both amazing characters.Fascinating and funny when they were together.Abby meant the world to Travis and Travis meant the world to Abby.Simple us that.And in the end people,it is proven from this book that almost killed me and made me more frustrated than I've even been,that love can jump and obstacles and win in the end.So much for making sense...!!


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  1. Aaaaaah!!! I agree with you so much. Their relationship hurt, but being apart would hurt so much more. I rooted for them to work out to such a degree where I almost couldn't bear to finish the book. If it didn't work out, I would take it personally. ;) Luckily I got to finish it and I was just amazed.

    Cucie @ Cucie reads


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