Saturday, 23 March 2013

Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols

I loved this book so much that I actually ended up reading in a day.After reading Going too Far by Jennifer Echols I really wanted to read more of her books so I decided to read Such a Rush.
I've seen this book around but never actually picked it up but I finally came across it again and decided to finally read it.It was amazing.I'll just tell you that it is about a girl.And her name's Leah.She falls for a boy.His name is Grayson.But he wants her to date his twin brother.Their father taught her how to fly airplanes.Her dream is to be a pilot someday and wear a uniform.So she flies.She has control when she's in the air but not so much when she lands and she has to deal with reality.She lives in a trailer with a mother that doesn't care and always leaves with her boyfriends,leaving Leah behind.So she works for Grayson after his father dies,flirts with his twin brother to satisfy him and secretly hopes that she didn't have to because she's fallen for him.Since she first arrived at the airport in the age of fourteen.Things happen,friendships are tested and she ends up with the boy she loves.The usual.But not so much.Through this book we learn about a girl who is used to being alone and pretends to be tough because she can't do otherwise.She took care of herself and never said anything never complained about the unfair things life does but she always dreamed with a bitter hope you could say,of having everything everyone else did.To have someone by her side,someone to care.And in the end Grayson ends up being that guy.He can't comfort her and tell her that everything's gonna be alright because he has a hard time believing it himself.But he's there for her and that's what matters.Her love for airplanes is fascinating.She actually made me have that impossible hope that someday I'll get to learn how to fly a plane.I know it's silly but what can you do.It's like she passed her excitement to me while I was reading the book.It was just amazing.The plot was really different and unique as well.At first when I read the synopsis I thought it was going to be a love triangle.You know...beautiful girl and twin brothers.But then I was glad it didn't turn out to be a love triangle.Because I hate love triangles.
With this and that,I realized that people can make their dreams come true even if people are telling them that it's impossible.And that's what Leah did.Really wish that this book had a sequel but apparently it doesn't...


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