Thursday, 28 March 2013

Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry-Book 1-Pushing the Limits

I just fell in LOVE with the book.And to make it simple,no words can actually express my love and other emotions for this book.I was literally laughing when the characters did.I cried when they cried.I loved Echo's and Noah's story so so much.The story was so realistic and at times,heartbreaking.It might sound a bit too much but I actually cried in the end.Literally.
I just lost myself in the story and fell in love with the characters.I felt things along with them.I'm not gonna go into many details because anyone who wants to read the book should just do it and not wait and start reading reviews.(That's what I do sometimes...but we can just say it never happened.)Echo's father is rich,but when her brother died something happened that Echo does not remember.She just woke up one day and found herself in a hospital,her arms covered in scars and no memory of what brought her there.Noah's the bad boy.He has kick ass friends,he smokes,he drinks.He does everything until he meets Echo.At first their relationship isn't that good.They both have problems.Noah thinks Echo is just a rich girl with no problems and Echo thinks that Noah is just the bad boy that wants to make her feel well...bad.But they're both wrong and when they finally realize it their attraction is too strong to deny.They've fell for each other.So where's the attraction going to lead them?


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