Sunday, 3 March 2013

Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken-Book 1-The Darkest Minds

No need to express my self kindly when it comes to this book.Because people...are you freaking kidding me?First of all I want to say that it took me a couple of weeks to finish this book because I didn't want to read those final chapters that were really heartbreaking...Obviously someone spoiled me.And then when I knew what was gonna happen,I was so angry and didn't want to finish the freaking book.
The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken is the first book in a kinda dystopian series that follows the adventures of Ruby and Liam and some other people in a world where kids all over the word are placed into camps/hell chambers/rehabilitation camps.Ruby manages to escape but she has a big secret...she can erase people's memories and mess up with their minds.The she meets Liam and everything seems better until everybody is after them.It seems that Liam did something to deserve the attention and now everything is on stake.
Welcome in a world where kids develop special abilities...some harmless and some really to completely dangerous....In a world where grown ups are afraid of teenagers and the guards in the camps bully,torture and even kill every single kid that gives them a reason to...
Okay that was kinda dramatic but it doesn't matter.I just loved Ruby and Liam and their characters got even better during the end of the book.And of course Zu is my big weakness even now that I finished reading the book and I just want the second one.Just give me the second book and I'll be happy.But seriously I'm not gonna say anything else just that I was really angry with what Ruby did in the end...I mean angry as in throw the book across the room...Not that I did of course.


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