Merlin's Immortals by Sigmund Brouwer-Book 1-The Orphan King

I found the story of Thomas really appealing and captivating.I don't usually prefer books like this but something intrigued me.And of course the cover has something to do with that.Anyway,I usually prefer books with werewolves, vampires and all that paranormal stuff that everybody likes.Or I think they do.

Anyway this book tells us the story of Thomas as I said.Thomas is an orphan who grew up in the monastery where the monks were far more interested in eating instead of helping those in need.He grew up there in 1312,somewhere in Northern England.A Northern England full of darkness and corruption.But Thomas has a destiny to fulfill and he can't do that if he stays in the monastery for the rest of his life.So he kinda escapes and sets out to begin his journey,his it whatever you want.So in the way to find his destiny he meets a knight,a weird girl who is more than she seems and a thief.While the knight,as a wiser man becomes his mentor,the thief slowly finds his way to Thomas's heart who sees him as a brother.And of course he's starting to fall in love with the girl.Their adventures begin and their friendship is strong.But can it stay that way?Because friendship and trust between the four of them may either help Thomas or completely destroy him.

This book was really enjoyable and I believe that it has a lot of potential.But while Thomas was fully developed...if that's a right thing to say...I felt that I wasn't completely bonded with the other characters even though I really enjoyed the story and every single chapter.I can't say that I didn't enjoy the book but I also can't say that it was amazing.But the plot was really interesting and I can't wait to read the next book.That way I will clear up everything that left me a bit confused and I hope that it will give us more information about the other characters.

I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Press in exchange for an honest review.These are my opinions and my feelings for this book and they are my own.

Rating: <3<3<3<3

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