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Mercedes Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs-Book 1-Moon Called

I wanna be honest so I'll say that I didn't even imagine...not even think that this book would be so freaking awesome.I fell in love with Mercy and everyone else from the minute I started reading it.I was like OMG because I've got to admit that I started reading the Alpha and Omega series but it was kind of a failure...the whole thing.
I think the plot just didn't suit me.But Mercy and the characters of this book are a lot more different than the characters of Alpha and Omega series.When I started reading the first book of the Alpha and Omega series...I was reading and reading and reading and eventually I found myself to chapter like...what...eight I think and I was like I just went that far???You gotta be kidding me.
So Mercedes Thompson is a mechanic and a coyote.She was raised by werewolves and when a sixteen year old boy who was a werewolf,came to her shop to find a job everything changed.When she sends him to Adam the pack's Alpha...and someone attacks Adam's house and kills the boy leaving Adam injured...his daughter Jesse is being kidnapped.And then everything starts changing when she takes him to the Marrok's village where he can recover.And there we are...with Mercy torn between Samuel(the Marrok's son and her ex-love)and Adam(the sexy Alpha wolf). They start searching Jesse and everyone wants Mercy to stay out of it all because they're worried about her.Nobody expected...not even me that Mercy would be such an amazing fighter and above all a loyal friend. In the end of the book when everyone starts realizing what really happened it's somehow late because the werewolves who kidnapped Jesse aren't where the vampires who are also involved in the whole thing...said they would be.So when Adam is also kidnapped,Mercy is visited by the werewolves who kidnapped Adam and his daughter and together they plan to free them.So Mercy finds Adam and Jesse and frees them.The one responsible for everything is Dr.Wallace's son...who is the doctor in the Marrok's village and who was turned into a werewolf.His son was also a werewolf but when his betrayal came to the surface he was killed.So Mercy ends up with two men...okay not men but werewolves protecting and claiming her...So much for normal...
The author managed to make Mercy fit with the werewolves and the pack but at the same time she doesn't fit with them at all.Even if she saved Adam more than once...she knows what she's doing...She's down to earth and as a person who is likely to get killed in the process of doing something really dangerous like saving the Alpha and putting her life in danger...she has limits.This book isn't only for those who love werewolves because we've got a dose of vampires and even fae in it too.It's like a mix of every supernatural creature but everyone is focused in werewolves because they're the main characters in the book.The storyline was really impressive,interesting and refreshing in its own kinda way.It makes you want to read it without losing interest.It's not something boring or something you read every day.After all those books I read I really needed a book with a character just like Mercy.She really fascinates me and I hope she doesn't lose herself in the next books.When a character after some books loses its true self and just makes you sad and angry because you want to see the person that character was in the beginning.So it's not the greatest thing for a character to change while facing something difficult.An independent character like Mercy has to stay that way and she doesn't have to depend in other people to be safe.Alright she can do that but she mustn't lose herself in the process of doing so...Can't wait to read the next books and listen everybody...who hasn't read this book yet should do it right now because it's just AMAZING!!!

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