Friday, 11 January 2013

Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller-Book 1-The Eternal Ones

The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller tells the story of a girl named Haven Moore,who has this vision about a boy named Ethan and a girl named Constance.She experiences deja vu moments and blacks out to have these vision telling her that she has to find Ethan.Everyone in the small and awful town she lives in things she's possessed by a demon and they believe that the only reason to save her is to lock her up.
But Haven manages to escape from the hell she lives in and sets on a journey to find Ethan who is actually a famous singer or actor...Didn't clear that out yet.Anyway Iain or Ethan is framed for a murder he didn't commit but everybody blames him.But when he finds Haven it's love from first sight and they have to make things work between them.But it is later revealed that Iain is lying to Haven so she sets out to find the truth.But what she learns leaves her heartbroken and unable to believe that the love of her long long life,actually killed someone.It's like story's repeating itself because what happened then with Constance and Ethan,happens now with Haven and Iain.People from their past come back to hunt their present and Haven learns that her best friend was actually in her brother when she first met Ethan.Their previous lives and love affairs ended really abruptly so this time they have to make it right.But Haven doubts and doesn't trust Iain and that makes everything difficult.In the end of course,love wins and Haven realizes that she shouldn't doubt her soul mate and believe whatever other people tell her.She thinks Iain died but when she returns to her birth town,she finds him waiting and they move together in Rome where everything Started ninety years ago.Not for the first time of course.
It was a really good romance kinda book and I really enjoyed it.I was really eager to read this book but had my doubts because I couldn't get anything from the synopsis in the back when I saw it at the bookstore and then name didn't really make up for it.But I couldn't find anything else and picked this up because even though it didn't caught my eye it's been in my wishlist for a really long time.I really want to read the second one because that seems to be more interesting and now that the lying is over,we'll see more of the characters together,trying to cope with things.I don't have to admit that the end was awesome and really really romantic.I also have to admit that there were scenes that made you wanna scream and laugh and all that but there were other scenes that just weren't enough interesting.But again....the end was awesome and the characters fascinating.Except of course from the bad ones XD.
If you like books with romance and unique plots then...this is your thing!!! 


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