Sunday, 20 January 2013

Black London by Caitlin Kittredge-Book 2-Demon Bound

I think I'm going crazy from excitement.The second installment of the Black London Series, Demon Bound is even better than the first. There were many twists that really surprised me but finally Jack and Pete were together only to be separated again.
So, Pete and Jack organise an operation you could say and they are like paranormal investigators.They kinda help the people that have problems with ghosts and that kind of stuff but you can't actually call it helping since the get paid. The story itself was really fast paced, dark and had you on edge.I just wanted a bit more Pete because this time, everything was told from Jack's view and it would be nice if it had some of Pete's thoughts too.I'm just really angry with Jack because he is always keeping secrets from Pete and that obviously affects their relationship that has more ups and downs from a normal relationship.But that was okay cause it made more and more interesting to read especially when the miracle happened and if you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about....Well there's actually nothing I can do about that!!!:D I have to admit that I didn't even thought about what happened in the end.. I mean that abrupt twist of the story where Jack goes to hell and Pete is all alone..No i wasn't expecting that..Seriously...that's the part where we have that ''The both of them were finally together just to be seperated again''.But this time Jack went to hell.Literally.Just can't wait to learn what happens in the next book.Something tells me that Jack is going to come back but with different priorities and beliefs!!!


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