Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Selection by Kiera Cass-Book 1-The Selection

The Selection by Kiera Cass is about America Singer.A girl who has to enter the selection-which is a competition where every teenage girl enters to have a chance for a better life and be the wife of the Prince.
So America enters the Selection because her boyfriend asks her to but they break up and because she needs to support her family since she's the oldest sibling.Shortly after that they pick her up to be one of the thirty five girls who has the opportunity to meet the prince.Many things happen and step by step,she and Maxon become really close friends.He ends up falling in love with her.There's a lot of competition between the contestants and America realizes that she doesn't want to live anymore.She doesn't want to see the face of the boy that betrayed her and broke her heart.But she's really surprised when she sees that he was chosen,he became a guard and is now guarding the palace which is attacked by rebels,even during the competition.When they find each other again,their feelings come back to the surface and they realize that they've never stopped loving each other.But what happens when America also realizes that she has strong feelings about the prince?In the end of the first book of the series,she and Maxon come closer after another rebel attack,while she decides to end her relationship with Aspen,take things from the beginning and take her life in her own hands.
So...I've been waiting to read this book for a really long time and once I started I couldn't finish.I loved America and I was really fascinating with everything that happened.Some people might not find this book full of adventure and action but it's pretty clear that from the beginning,the story was focused on the romance and the whole love triangle thing.That's how it ended up in the end anyway.I have to admit that I don't like love triangles.They annoy me so much because I get really confused and can't decide with which boy I'd like to see the character and then when I come up with something,I discover that she went with the other boy.So that's the thing about love triangles.You can never be very sure.The environment and like...the time that everything took place was really fascinating.I know it doesn't make sense but I mean...who doesn't dream about being a princess and living in a different world and experiencing all the things the characters experienced.Because I'd love to live something like that.Except for all the future kinda prediction thing...everything seemed to be real.
And yeah people,if you haven't read the Selection...what are you waiting for.Seriously.Of course you have to like triangle stories and romance kinda plots and...yeah that's it,pretty much...

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