Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Wolf Pact by Melissa de la Cruz

Wolf Pact by Melissa de la Cruz follows the life of Bliss after she kills herself to get rid of the voices and the presence of her really annoying father who happens to be Satan-that's what I got anyway-in her head.So she starts a new life and tries to complete the mission her mother Alegra has given her.She has to find the hounds that escaped from hell and convince them to help her save the world and destroy her father.
Those hounds were trapped in hell because they were cursed for their betrayal a long time ago.The bad guys are also trying to find the hounds but for a different reason,to kill them or make them heartless and steal their free will.When Bliss meets the three I think they are, hounds and their teacher you could say,things don't go well because they think she is a spy and she falls into their trap.But then they start forming a friendly relationship when Lawson,the one who is destined to free all wolf hounds and save the world,kisses her just to get away and forget the death of the one he loved.But then,many things happen.They also find the sister of the girl he loved.But Bliss doesn't trust her because her behavior is really weird and suspicious and she thinks that the girl has already become a hound.In the end they go back in time to stop the bad guys for reversing history by changing some things that happened many centuries ago.While they're trying to do that,Bliss reveals her true identity and Lawson is really mad and doesn't want to see her again.When he faces his enemy and realizes he lost his weapon,Bliss saves him and just like that,they save the world.
Wolf pact was a really interesting book and I'm really grateful that the author decided to write a book about Bliss because sometimes,in some books only the main characters are important and it's really amazing to see the life of one of the other characters who supposedly dies.It was very clever.The way the author wrote that Bliss didn't kill herself just her vampire part and she wasn't a vampire any more.I hope that there are going to be more books in this series cause when the book ended it was clear that there's going to be another book or maybe more than one.The characters were also really fascinating but I'll really miss the Blue Bloods characters.Anyway...can't wait for the next book...if there's going to be one of course...
If you liked the Blue Bloods series then you'll also like Wolf Pact.I was expecting a book with more action and plot twists but it's okay.

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