Thursday, 29 November 2012

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins-Book 1-Hex Hall

Hex Hall is a good book but I expected something had a bit of everything, humor, romance and all those things that make a book better, but something was missing..First of all,the scenes between Archer and Sophie were just amazing and I was so sad when she discovered that he was one of those people who killed supernatural creatures but it was just talk and talk and needed more action because it wasn't satisfying...
Then there are the three dark witches of the school...the two of them were attacked and nearly killed but the other one, was murdered by Sophie's grand grandmother or something like that...Sophie found out really late that her grand grandmother was actually a demon and not a witch and the three dark witches awakened her by sacrificing Holly another dark witch and they blamed Jenna, Sophie's current roommate and apparently a vampire...So when Sophie discovered what game Alice played, she killed her but Alice had already killed Sophie goes back to Hex Hall and she discovers that she too is a demon and she decides to go through the removal...something that takes powers away and may go really bad because she might be killed....
I can't say I didn't enjoy reading this book but I've read better and i think the next one will be way better than these one...Also the whole thing between Archer and Sophie-yeah I know I said it again but...-was so damn cool and I hope that we'll see him on the next books too...Oh and by the way I can't say I was sad when Elodie was killed because she brought it on herself by awakening Alice in the first place...okay, I've already said enough...

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