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An Unlikely Review! - Avengers: Endgame {No Spoilers!}

Hello guys and welcome to another post! I've never sat down to write a film review, even though I've watched many of them throughout the years and I've been a book reviewer for quite some time now, right? What has changed, you might be wondering. Well, unless you've been off to another universe this past decade, you'd be more than aware of Marvel's rebirth, which came in the form of the first Iron Man movie! Since then, the audience's expectations have been higher than many corporations would've been able to handle and Marvel has managed to create an empire of superheroes that we can never get enough of! One could argue that Robert Downey Jr. was a risky choice for Marvel because of his questionable past. But, if we're being completely honest, they helped each other rise from the ashes and that is the only reason they've both gotten this far! This might sound too far fetched, but I've always had a weakness for Tony Stark, both the man himself and the actor who embodies him. Sometimes, I'm almost convinced that they're the same person! I never doubted his ability to combine so many personality traits and share them with us, through such an iconic character! He's been my favorite from the very beginning, can you tell?

I'm not a film critic, by any means! But I've been a part of this universe for many years so, I feel like I'm more than entitled to actually share my opinions for Avengers: Endgame with you guys! This review is solely focused on the film itself and not the comics. I haven't read the majority of them, even though I wish that I could have done so beforehand. This is going to be a spoiler free review of the film, where I'll share my overall opinions on it and discuss what I'd normally talk about in a book review! That is plot, characters, execution and whatever else might come to mind! A spoiler review will follow after this post, but that might take a while because I' only human after all, and will need some time to put my thoughts in order and actually write something that makes sense! 

Do you plan on watching the film or have you already watched it? Was it as satisfying as you had hoped? NO SPOILERS PLEASE! Also, make sure to let me know who your favorite Avenger is and why!
The movie was a masterpiece and that's the only thing you'll hear from those who've been waiting for its arrival for more than a decade! We all knew that it would come to this, Tony Stark himself predicted it years ago! We had no idea how much it would hurt, though. I'm being quite dramatic, at this point, and I'm perfectly aware of it! The - almost - ending of Phase 3 has been a roller coaster of emotions that'll follow me for a while. It's been going on for half my life, if you really think about it! Eleven years since the MCU stepped up to the fullest capacity of its legacy and twenty-two years of, well, me! Endgame was the closure I needed, full of nostalgia, laughter and tears of farewell! Some will say that it was lacking the fervor and excitement of Infinity War, which I partly agree with. But you can have passion without violence and you can have ''on the edge of your seat'' moments without the fighting aspect that usually accompanies them. 

It's hard to tell who won and who was defeated by the end of the movie. And, that's the point. Happy endings are, in fact, for fairy tales. Real life comes with losses and Endgame made that abundantly clear before it had even begun. It's full of back and forth moments that will tear your apart and put you back together numerous times. The characters themselves were all present throughout the movie, mainly in the beginning and towards the end, but the focus was, quite obviously, on the original team of Avengers! In case you haven't followed the previous installments of the MCU with as much diligence as I have, those are: Black Widow, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thor, Hulk and Captain America! In no particular order! Their performances were excellent and I'm going to discuss them in depth at the spoiler part of this review so, stay tuned in case you've already watched Endgame! 

In terms of plot, the only thing that I have to say is this: GENIUS! I immensely enjoyed the way everything played out and could not even try and wrap my head around how they could've connected the events of the past with what happened throughout Endgame! Literally blew my mind! I had to go back and forth in order to get a hang of what was happening and stop myself from getting disoriented because of the crazy amount of references included in the film! This is the part where I encourage you to go into this with, at least, having some basic knowledge on what has happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe this far! It's not that necessary, you'r still going to enjoy the movie if you haven't really paid attention to the previous ones, but you won't have to try as hard with the ''when did this happen?'' moments in the film. And, believe me, there are many of them, scattered throughout the movie! It was a combination of heartfelt moments that really moved those who have invested a lot of time and money into these films and the overall feeling that comes with every single Marcel production! The build up for Endgame was extremely fascinating and, even though the movie itself wasn't as incredible as Infinity War for me, I was more than satisfied by its conclusion and the experience was as bittersweet as I'd been expecting. 

I haven't felt such excitement since The Return of the King, and that is definitely saying something! There were some plot holes that I'm not going to reveal in this post, but will discuss during the second part of this review, as I've already mentioned above. The only thing that I can say, is that I expect them to be covered, if you will, in Spiderman: Far From Home. A new trailer has just dropped and I cannot wait for it! That is, technically, the actual ending of Phase 3 because it deals with the repercussions of Endgame, which you'll know all about if you've already watched it! I did have some problems with the way some of the characters were represented, but I also have an insane amount of assumptions and theories about where that leaves the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

The character development is more than obvious in this movie and reveals a lot about how far each character has come. In order to understand its significance, you should have a basic idea of each character's origins, where the movies are concerned. Otherwise, it might be a bit difficult to grasp the extent of it. That includes Tony Stark's development and how the dynamic between him and everyone else has evolved throughout the years! Captain America is, quite obviously, another integral part of the universe itself since, chronologically speaking, it begins from him. He's set the bars high for American heroes and has managed to represent the state of exceptionalism the U.S. has always tried to hold on to and project to the rest of the world. Thor comes in to bring Norse Mythology to life and present us with a part of the universe we weren't truly aware of. Black Widow and Hawkeye show us the true meaning of friendship and how far one will go for it. I always thought that their relationship was never explored as much as it could've been and, even though they're a huge part of the Avengers, people have never had the opportunity to learn more about them. Hulk is a completely difference story, since Marvel couldn't really dedicate any more movies to him because Universal has the rights of the character's distribution. His greatest battles are, also, quite internal if we truly think about it and he has his own story line, it just comes in the form of the various movies he has appeared in. So, I think that his character development has been achieved through the contextualization of his hardships through various perspectives and is more than satisfying, considering the fact that making a Hulk solo movie wouldn't have been as beneficial, in terms of his contribution throughout the MCU.

That was a very brief review of the movie itself, since I didn't want to give out any spoilers for those of you who haven't had the chance to watch it yet. I didn't want to talk about the rest of the characters here, since that would require revealing information about their overall appearance in the MCU. I will be talking about them in an in depth spoiler review, which will be linked in this post as soon as I'm done putting it together! It took me a couple of days to write this one down so, expect Part 2 in about a week or so! 

Let me know what you thought about this review in the comments down below! Hope you found it helpful! Until the next post,

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