Monday, 18 February 2019


Hello everyone!

Hope you're having a wonderful start to the week! I just wanted to hop in here real quick and let you know that, Google+ is, unfortunately, shutting down. This means that, those of you who follow Book Lady's Reviews through it, will stop getting notifications and your accounts will no longer be active. Blogger is not going to suffer in terms of services and such but, all comments made through Google+ accounts will be deleted and not transferred to another service which, in my case, is Blogger. I sincerely hope that my Blog's layout won't change. I think I haven't used anything from Google templates because mine is custom but, keep that in mind if you run a Blog in this platform as well! 

Those of you who don't want to stop getting updates from me or any other blog you follow through Google+, you can sign up to get email notifications or, better yet, follow me on Bloglovin! The widgets are at the right part of your screen and you can keep track on the Blogs that you follow by creating a profile and having all posts in one Page! 

From the little research that I've done into this, Google is shutting this service down because of an alleged security breach - which I actually got an email for a couple of weeks ago - but, people are saying that, it hasn't really gotten the ''recognition'' or use they were hoping for, which is what I thought of immediately after I heard about it shutting down. 

Anyway, thank you guys for your attention! Stay tuned for this week's main post, which will be a review and let me know if you have any topics you'd like us to discuss! I've also scheduled a Top Ten Tuesday post for tomorrow, which I haven't shared in a while and will be posting another Series Recommendation by the end of the week! 

So, until the next post,

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