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Blog Tour - This Cruel Design {This Mortal Coil #2} By Emily Suvada {Review & US Giveaway!}

Hello guys and welcome to one of the most exciting events I've ever participated in! This Cruel Design was one of my most anticipated reads and I was ecstatic when I got the change to participate in the official Blog Tour for it! With that being said, make sure to mark your calendars for its release, read my thoughts on it and let me know whether you've read This Mortal Coil! And, don't forget to enter the amazing Giveaway at the end of this post!
Title: This Cruel Design

{This Mortal Coil #2}

Author: Emily  Suvada

Publication Date: October 30th, 2018

Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Cat thought the Hydra epidemic was over, but when new cases pop up, Cat must team up with an enemy to fix the vaccine before the virus spirals out of control in this thrilling sequel to This Mortal Coil, which New York Times bestselling author Amie Kaufman says “ redefines ‘unputdownable.’ ”

The nightmare of the outbreak is finally over, but Cat’s fight has only just begun.

Exhausted, wounded, and reeling from revelations that have shaken her to her core, Cat is at a breaking point. Camped in the woods with Cole and Leoben, she’s working day and night, desperate to find a way to stop Lachlan’s plan to reprogram humanity. But she’s failing—Cat can’t even control her newly regrown panel, and try as she might to ignore them, she keeps seeing glitching visions from her past everywhere she turns.

When news arrives that the Hydra virus might not be as dead as they’d thought, the group is pushed into an uneasy alliance with Cartaxus to hunt down Lachlan and fix the vaccine. Their search takes them to Entropia, a city of genehackers hidden deep in the desert that could also hold the answers about Cat’s past that she’s been searching for.

But when confronted with lies and betrayals, Cat is forced to question everything she knows and everyone she trusts. And while Lachlan is always two steps ahead, the biggest threat to Cat may be the secrets buried in her own mind.

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*I received this book for free, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions, are my own!*

I stumbled upon This Mortal Coil during the summer and wasn't expecting to fall in love with it as much as I did, something that hasn't really happened in a while! I was so impressed with how well constructed its premise was, that I basically screamed my head off when I got the chance to participate in the official Blog Tour for its sequel! I never doubted that this book would exceed my expectations, because the first book had such a powerful ending that, I was basically sure for the perfection that would follow its magnificent plot twist. The most fascinating part is that, it happened in multiple occasions and had several stages of excitement before it reached that climactic moment, which managed to blow my mind and leave me speechless for a while after I finished reading it!

I'm well aware of how important sequels are and how difficult it is to add even more dimension to a story that surprised you with its brilliance through them, believe me! Many of them have disappointed me in the past, even though I immensely enjoyed their predecessors and could not wai to get my hands on them! This Cruel Design though, did not suffer from the ''sequel syndrome'' because it became its own legacy, in a way, for me as a reader and left my soul in shambles, to say the least! I know that I might sound dramatic to some of you but, this series has quickly become an all time favorite, which is an even more important achievement, if you consider the fact that I'm not actually the biggest fan of Science Fiction! So, in case you haven't noticed, we' re not here to talk about the actual plot because, that would certainly defeat the purpose of you going into it without having any idea of its plot and being forever changed by the discovery of how unique and brilliantly written it actually is!

I usually avoid writing reviews on sequels, for the reason mentioned above and the fact that, it's even harder to remain vague in your words and not reveal anything of importance in them, which is what we're trying to avoid in this one! That's why I'm going to elaborate on what made me fall in love with these books and why you should pick them up as soon as you can! 

First of all, the character development is insane! The characters progress throughout both novels is loud and clear, which makes the novel even more three dimensional than it originally started out being. They're so intricate in their complexity that, you can actually envision them clearly while the story is being narrated! There's an abundance of details where they and the virus ridden world they live in is concerned, which was such a breath of fresh air! Nothing was overdone it terms of how well it was constructed and the author did a wonderful job at creating this terrifyingly realistic world where, every action had an immediate consequence and adapting to its changes meant survival! And of course, I appreciated the fact that, everything was described in a way that didn't negatively affect the pacing of the story or slow it down. On the contrary, it made it even more engrossing and impossible to put down, since it never got boring or repetitive!

Second of all, the shocking plot twist continue on to This Cruel Design and are delivered in a way that keeps you on the edge of a cliff you have no idea whether you should leave behind or brave through! Cat grows so much through them and I absolutely love how well thought out she is as a character! Her character reflects on the parts of society that failed to deliver and have flaws but, will never stop striving towards a better future! She doesn't pretend to be perfect, neither does she try to suppress her true self in order to become one with the crowd, in a weird way! She's intelligent, brave, loyal and real, which makes it so much easier to connect with her and forget the fact that, she actually lives in this futuristic world that sounds incredibly real, as well as terrifying to live in!

Overall, I absolutely fell in love with the characters for the hundredth time and immensely enjoyed experiencing the development of the story firsthand, through the author's incredible writing style and vivid descriptions! I cannot recommend this series enough and I'm desperately crossing my fingers for it to become a movie adaptation as soon as possible!!! I'm not sure whether anyone could even touch the high stakes the novels have set where the possibility of a movie is concerned but, a girl can hope, right?

Emily Suvada was born and raised in Australia, where she went on to study mathematics and astrophysics. She previously worked as a data scientist, and still spend hours writing algorithms to perform tasks which would only take minutes to complete on her own. When not writing, she can be found hiking, cycling, and conducting chemistry experiments in her kitchen. She currently lives in Portland, OR, with her husband.
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