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Most Anticipated Book Releases - April Edition! {Part 1}

Hello guys and welcome to April's most anticipated book releases! I do these every month and I sincerely hope that you find them helpful! I've already talked about how overwhelming all these new releases are and truthfully, it's immensely hard to keep up with them so, I'm not even going to pretend that I'm managing it that well! 

Don't forget to mark your calendars for the books that interest you and let me know some of your most anticipated book releases! Do you plan on picking up any of the ones featured?

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*The Pirate Bride {Daughters of the Mayflower #2} By Kathleen Y'Bardo
Publication Date: April 1st
Genres: Historical Fiction, Romance

I've really been into Historical Fiction recently and this one sounds right up my alley! The cover makes it look a bit Romance-y but, the synopsis is so much more interesting than I thought it'd be. So, never judge a book by its cover folks! The daughter of a pirate is looking for her father's lost treasure? Yes please!

*This I Know By Eldonna Edwards
Publication Date: April 24th
Genres: Historical Fiction

This is a coming of age story, following an eleven year old girl, who can glimpse into peoples' thoughts and feelings! Seriously guys, you should read the synopsis of this one to understand how fascinating it actually sounds! Definitely at the top of my Wishlist!

*Love & War {Alex & Eliza #2} By Melissa de la Cruz
Publication Date: April 17th
Genres: Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Romance

I featured the previous book in the series in another most anticipated releases post but, unfortunately, haven't gotten around to reading it yet. But, for those of you who had, the sequel is coming out exactly a month from now! It looks heartbreaking!

*Suitors and Sabotage By Cindy Anstey
Publication Date: April 17th
Genres: Young Adult, Historical Fiction

I recently discovered this one and it sounds like such a fun and exciting read! Just by reading its synopsis, I can see myself enjoying this and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!
*White Rabbit By Caleb Roehrig
Publication Date: April 24th
Genres: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller

I'm not really into these kinds of Thriller/Horror novels but, I can't deny that this sounds very intriguing! I would've probably watched this as a movie adaptation but, even though it's not at the top of my most exciting reads list, I really wanted to share it with you guys! If you enjoy suspenseful Thrillers, make sure to add this on your TBR lists!

*Devils Unto Dust By Emma Berquist
Publication Date: April 10th
Genres: Young Adult, Horror

This one reminds me of Warm Bodies but, without the zombies. A disease that began spreading a decade ago, has infected the majority of the population and those that have remained, have been protected behind the walls of a city in Texas. When the main character's good for nothing father, steals fortune from one of the most infamous and dangerous hunters in town, she sets out on a journey across the desert to find him!

*Blackfish City By Sam J. Miller
Publication Date: April 17th
Genres: Science Fiction, Dystopia

I'm not the biggest fan of Science Fiction but, I do like indulging in it every once in a while. I probably haven't read a Sci-Fi since last year but, this one sounds more intriguing than I can handle! This is another Dystopian -just reviewed PACIFICA which is set in a futuristic world negatively affected by environmental pollution - where climate wars occur and the surviving population is trying to adapt. It sounds like it has some Fantasy elements in it thoug, which make me even more fascinated by the idea of it!

*Ozland {Everland #3} By Wendy Spinale
Publication Date: April 24th
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Retelling

I've been eyeing this series for a very long time because it's no secret that I love retellings but, never got around to picking it up unfortunately. In case any of you are interested in it though, the third and final book comes out during April!
*School For Psychics {School for Psychics #1} By K.C. Archer
Publication Date: April 3rd
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal

I haven't read a book about psychics in ages and this one sounds very interesting! Our main heroine doesn't realize she's a psychic until it's too late and a series of bad decisions leads her to a run-in with the police. There, a mysterious stranger intervenes and invites her to apply to the School for Psychics!

*Death By the Sea {A By the Sea Mystery #1} By Kathleen Bridge
Publication Date: April 3rd
Genres: Cozy Mystery

I was ''introduced'' to the fascinating Genre of Cozy Mysteries last year and I fell in love! I've always been the biggest fan of Crime anything and these books just make the experience of reading about it even more fun! They're such lightweight and enjoyable reads so, if you haven't tried reading one yet, what are you waiting for?

*Murder at the Mushroom Festival {A Kelly Jackson Mystery #4} By Janet Finsilver
Publication Date: April 17th
Genres: Cozy Mystery

Another Cozy Mystery for your pleasure! Even though it's part of a series, I thought I'd include it anyway because it sounds extremely interesting!

*The Family Gathering {Sullivan's Crossing #3} By Robyn Carr
Publication Date: April 17th
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

This sounds like an interesting and quick romance, about a guy who lives the military and tries to adjust to small town life, before leaving for his next adventure. He attracts the attention of every single woman who lives in Sullivan's Crossing except for the one he's after!

That was it for today's post guys! Hope you found it helpful and added some of these on your TBR lists! Make sure to let me know which new releases you're most excited for and stay tuned for Part 2, coming up sometime next week!

I seriously need to get my priorities in order because I'm so ready to visit dear old Book Depository and order most of these, by the way! Thought I'd share my desperation with you!

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  1. I am eagerly awaiting Cindy Anstey's new book as well. Her last book was fabulous and I can't wait for more.

    1. Glad to hear that! I'll have to check out her other books ASAP!


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