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Cliche Topics that I actually Love Reading About in Books *Most of the Time* - Discuss & Wonder #9

Hello guys and welcome to a very belated discussion post! I stopped doing these, mostly because I kind of run out of ideas and didn't know what to talk about without repeating myself. But, I had a very abrupt moment of enlightenment and decided to start doing these more frequently because I sincerely enjoy writing them and talking about things that interest me! 

Today, I decided to share with you the

I know it's probably the number one cliche on every single list of cliches out there, but I cannot help myself. Most people don't like bad boy romances but, I'm quite obviously a huge sucker for them. Probably because they reflect real life more than I would like to admit. To myself or to others. I love it even more when there's a bad girl involved and things get even more interesting. They' re usually extremely predictable and lack that refreshing authenticity I can't stop looking for in every single book I read but, they're super fun, quick and easy reads. Cannot resist them and sometimes, I even swoon like a crazy woman!
This is a very generic term that needs a bit of explaining. It's a reoccurring theme in YA contemporary novels - mostly - and usually ends with tears of reconciliation and promises of a better future. Siblings fight with each other in front of the horrified eyes of their relatives, parents go against their childrens' wishes and want them to be a certain way or do certain things in order for them to be accepted. The list can go on for miles because there are a lot of variations to this particular topic. We're keeping it simple though. I really enjoy about problematic family members finding their way to each other and making amends. It tugs at my sensitive heart and makes me incredibly happy!
This particular topic can be found in most New Adult titles out there. A genre that I immensely enjoy reading when I'm in the mood for an interesting , quick and easy to get through novel. Most of them have to do with desperate women who find themselves in tricky situations when the person they fell in love with turns out to be a monster and ends up abusing them and alienating them from the world. They get away, move to an isolated place and meet some brooding stranger who will later turn out to be the ONE. You can probably figure out the rest, it's extremely predictable but, at the same time, I seriously cannot get enough of it. It's oddly interesting to read and most novels have varied plot twists that keep things going and make reading about this particular topic, a very pleasant experience. 

This particular topic can be found in any genre. Contemporary, Fiction, New or Young Adult, it doesn't really matter. And I have to admit that, I enjoy a book just a bit more when the main characters dislike each other for one reason or another, but then end up falling in love. I'm an extremely romantic person myself and it's just this idea of a romance that is utterly unconventional but ends up prevailing that gets me swooning every time I come across it in books. It's not necessarily predictable and it doesn't guarantee a happily ever after but, it's definitely one of my guilty pleasures.
This is usually the main topic of Fantasy novels. Naive main hero or heroine get a wake up call after a terrible event and discover that, they're actually chosen by the powers of whatever world they live in, to save the world from the chaos that is getting closer and closer. I've come across this particular topic in a lot of fantasy book and the author's approach on it definitely makes a huge difference. That is why I really enjoy reading stories like this one, especially if the circumstances are right and I'm in the mood for them! 
Writing Style is probably one of the most important things for me in general! I feel like beautiful writing has a magical way of transforming a text and making the experience of reading it even better! Even if the story isn't the most unique, the writing really can make a huge difference!

Character Development and Likable Characters play a huge role in enjoying a cliche plot. It's very important for the reader to be able to actually connect with the characters and relate to their struggles. How a character develops also plays a big role on how the plot will eventually develop so, if you don't like the main character of the book you're reading, you'll probably end up disliking the book itself. Kind of like a chemical reaction.

If authors use any cliche to their advantage, it can actually end up being perfect for people like me! The cliche is there but, how you decide to weave it around and use it to move forward in a novel is extremely vital to whether readers will enjoy it or not. 

Level of Predictability is also very important! What that means is, if you can avoid being predictable, DO IT! There's nothing wrong with being predictable but, it definitely rubs me the wrong way when it gets overwhelming. Which means that, books that are nothing but predictable tend to disappoint me. I get extremely annoyed. It's good to throw in some plot twists, even if the topic is as cliche as it gets.

That was it for today's discussion post! It wasn't really that informative but, you guys got to know some of my preferences when it comes to reading. Next one might be on how I decide whether I want to pick up a book or not. What would you think about that? And what are some the cliches that have become your guilty pleasure?

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