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Most Anticipated Book Releases - October Edition {Part 2}

Hello guys and welcome to the second part of my most anticipated book releases for the month of October! Make sure to let me know if you have already added some of these on your TBR list and which ones you're most excited for. Also, don't forget to check out

*Turtles All the Way Down By John Green
Publication Date: October 10th
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary

This is one of the most anticipated books of the year, especially for huge fans of John Green! I personally haven't read a book of his that I absolutely fell in love with, but I really want to give this one a chance and see what I think about it because it does sound like something I would enjoy! 

*Top Ten By Katie Cotugno
Publication Date: October 3rd
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

I've been meaning to get my hands on How to Love by Katie Cotugno since it first came out (ages ago) so, I have heard of her as an author! Top Ten sounds like a really fun and quick read that you can just sit back and relax with!

*Most of All You By Mia Sheridan
Publication Date: October 17th
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

A broken woman...
A man in need of help...
Only love can mend a shattered heart...
That's all I need you guys! This book is right up my alley and I cannot wait to get my hands on it! Plus, it's been such a long time since I've read a contemporary so, this is the perfect opportunity for me to get back on track!

*Forget You, Ethan By Whitney G.
Publication Date: October 30th
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Very intrigued with this one, mainly because it's been ages since I last read a New Adult novel. It sounds like my cup of tea and I'd really like to read it soon! 
*The Beautiful Ones By Silvia Moreno Garcia
Publication Date: October 24th
Genres: Fantasy, Historical Romance, Paranormal

I'm super excited for this one! It sounds like a normal Historical Romance novel, where the girl attends balls to find a husband but, there's a pretty interesting twist that definitely turns things around! So, this isn't your usual Historical Romance book! There's a heroine with telekinetic powers and a guy who appears out of nowhere and teaches her how to control them. And, apparently, she falls in love with him but, his motives are very deceptive...

*Wolves & Roses {Fairy Tales of the Magicorum #1} By Christina Bauer
Publication Date: October 31st
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

I love Christina Bauer's books and I was jumping up and down from excitement when I saw that this comes out in October! She has a unique way of writing and always manages to create such vivid ana fascinating images with it! Cannot wait to get my hands on this one!

*Among the Red Stars By Gwen C. Katz
Publication Date: October 3rd
Genres: Young Adult, Historical Fiction

I don't usually go for books of this particular setting but the synopsis of this one is definitely very intriguing and makes you want to pick it up and read it! The main character decides to join World War 2, by signing up for a female aviation team! I love history and I have done a lot of research for both World War 1 & 2 so, I'm very interested to see the author's take on it! 

*The Devils You Know By M.C. Atwood
Publication Date: October 3rd
Genres: Young Adult, Horror

Both the cover and the title of this book caught my eye immediately! Again, very fascinated by the idea of it, I would've loved to see a movie adaptation of this so, it's safe to say that if I decide to pick it up, I'll probably end up enjoying it!
*The Hanging Girl By Eileen Cook
Publication Date: October 3rd
Genres: Young Adult, Mystery

This one sounds so dark and mysterious, I'm ready to be blown away! I have seen this author's books around a lot but, never picked one up. It's definitely time to change that since I love mystery and stories like these so, hopefully, I'll be able to pick up this one soon! Another book added to my endless wishlist...

*The Nowhere Girls By Amy Reed
Publication Date: October 10th
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary

''Told in alternating perspectives, this groundbreaking novel is an indictment of rape culture and explores with bold honesty the deepest questions about teen girls and sexuality.''
If this blurb does not convince you to pick this book up, I don't know what will...Seriously!

*The Afterlife of Holly Chase By Cynthia Hand
Publication Date: October 24th
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal

I have read Unearthly by Cynthia Hand and even though I wasn't obsessed with it, I read did enjoy its plot and writing style. This sounds like a very fascinating novel as well and I'd really like to give it a chance in the near future!
*A Skinful of Shadows By Frances Hardinge 
Publication Date: October 17th
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

This one has a very interesting cover and an even more interesting synopsis! It's about a twelve year old girl who does everything in her power to protect herself from ghosts who want to posses her. Until one day, something happens to make her drop her guard and as a result, a spirit enters her mind and body. But, there's more fascinating things going on, which you'll probably discover if you decide to pick this one up!

*A Plague of Giants {Seven Kennings #1} By Kevin Hearne
Publication Date: October 3rd
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction

A Plague of Giants doesn't have the most descriptive synopsis ever, which is probably better because the less you know, the more intrigued you are. It's not something that I would usually go for, but just by looking at it, I can tell that it has the potential of being a great read!

*La Belle Sauvage {The Book of Dust Volume 1} By Philip Pullman
Publication Date: October 19th
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

New Philip Pullman book?! Yes please! I love the Sally Lockhart series, it's one of my favorites and I try to read it every single year because I'm literally obsessed! I really like His Dark Materials as well and from what I can tell, this might be a prequel. I'm not completely sure but, that's what I understood just by reading the synopsis. Time will tell though!

Hope you guys found this post helpful and added some of these new releases to your TBR lists! Let me know which ones you're most excited for in the comments!

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