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The Liebster Awards!

I'm very excited to inform you guys that, I've been nominated for The Liebster Awards by the lovely Esther over at Bite Into Books! Make sure to check out her blog and stay tuned for the answers on the questions she chose!

In case you didn't know, the award is a way to be discovered but also to connect and support the blogging community. A great idea in promoting your own blog and others. Originally it was given out to blogs with less than 2000 readers but this has slowly lowed as the reward has gained popularity. It is now only 200 readers or less.
*Thank the person who nominated you.
*Answer the 11 questions given to you.
*Nominate 11 more bloggers and give them 11 questions that they have to answer!

This is kind of a tricky question because I always read whatever I'm in the mood for and don't really care for the genre, as long as the synopsis of a book intrigues me enough to actually make me pick it up and start reading it! Right now, it's definitely Fantasy because it's so far away from reality that I cannot get enough of everything that it consists of!

This is obviously a tough one because of many reason which are also quite...obvious! I'm gonna go with Uprooted by Naomi Novik because it really blew my mind and I could not get enough of it! 
Definitely! I'm going to answer based on the books that I read this year because, I really don't want to go way back in time because they're just too many! I read Letters to the Lost and was really impressed with Brigid Kemmerer's writing! I actually cried during some parts of it and found her writing style to be extremely unique and more than beautiful! It was magical, poetic and had me hooked from the very first chapter! Cannot recommend it enough!
I personally don't have a problem with e-readers but I prefer reading physical books. I love turning the pages of a book in anticipation of what'll come next and being confronted by that familiar smell. I do read e-books, when I receive books for review and sometimes, if I stumble across a book I desperately want to read, I might purchase the e-book, read it and then order the physical copy of the book if I like it! This rarely happens though so, mostly physical books for me!
I've never been a huge fan of classics actually. I don't remember mentioning this before but, there are certain classics that I'll read again and again but, I generally stay away from them. I think the reason why I don't really enjoy them, is because of how realistic they are. And, usually, if I wouldn't want to live in the world of a book or would have no interest in being the main character - which sounds weird, I know- then it's more likely that I'll never read that particular book!
Being able to share my love for books and reading with the world! What we can do with technology is truly admirable and this is just a very small part of it but, it really does make a difference. And for me, it's even more satisfying because neither my family nor my friends are close readers so, that's why I initially started writing reviews and then blogging. I wanted to share my thoughts on the books that I read with people! 
Of course I do! I have a huge bookshelf back home, where most of my book collection is organized and proudly displayed, plus my Children's books and Special Editions. Here, I do have one bookshelf that has run out of space a while back but, I'll make sure to insert a picture of it as soon as I can! I organize it based on series and *mostly* genre!
This is probably the easiest question for me! I've always preferred paperbacks and will only purchase the hardback version of a book that I desperately want to read, if it comes out way before the paperback. They're just easier to carry around - yes, I never leave my house without having the book I'm reading with me - and hardbacks are just too uncomfortable for me to read. I hope that makes sense!
This is actually a question that I get asked a lot, mostly by people that personally know me and my love for reading. And, of course, the answer is yes! I've made several attempts and I feel like when the time is right, I'll hopefully write the book that I'm meant to write. I'm just trying to think of a unique plot and all I need is just a small push towards the right direction in order to make it happen! I am a writer in general and I do publish articles in a Greek website but, for now, that's it!
This is a really hard question because I have so many favorite characters that, picking just one is basically impossible. Even though it pains me to do so, I'm just gonna go with one and you'll definitely see the rest featured on my blog sometime soon. If they haven't been mentioned already. So, I have to go with Rose from the Vampire Academy series because it's one of my all time favorites and what got me into reading in the first place. I literally flew through the series and could not get enough. I was so devastated when the series ended and still refuse to pick up Bloodlines, which is kind of like a companion series. She's extremely loyal and can kick some ass so, definitely one of my all time favorites!
Probably Hogwarts or Camp Half-Blood. I've never been able to choose between the two because Harry Potter has always been a huge part of my life and I would die for a taste of magic but, at the same time, I've always been in love with everything that has to do with Greek Mythology and living in Camp Half Blood would be a dream come true! I've been reading Greek mythology books for as long as I can remember so, I'd be ecstatic!

That was it for this post! Hope you enjoyed my answers to Esther's questions and got to learn some things you might not have known about me! Make sure to come back for the updated version of this post, where I'll nominate more bloggers and come up with  interesting and bookish questions for them to answer!

{I apologize for not having the time needed to research bloggers and questions! I assure you that this post will be updated as soon as possible! Sorry for any inconvenience. I know the purpose of these nominations is to get to know more people but, I really wanted to get this post up soon and have the ability to alter it after posting!}


  1. Thanks for answering the questions.
    Uprooted is AMAZING! Can't wait to re-read it :)

    I will be back to see your questions and nominated Bloggers!


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