Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Most Anticipated Book Releases - July 2017 Edition {Part 2}

Hello folks and welcome to Part 2 of July's most anticipated releases! I hope you'll find some of these interesting enough to add to your TBR! 

Comment down below letting me know whether you plan on reading any of these! And make sure to check out

*Daughter of the Burning City By Amanda Foody
Publication Date: July 25th
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

This one follows the story of an illusion - worker, which is just fascinating! And from what I can understand, it takes place at a Festival and there's a travelling circus involved. It's giving off major Freeks vibes so, cannot wait for it!

*The Last Magician By Lisa Maxwell
Publication Date: July 18
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

''Stop the Magician.
Steal the book.
Save the future.''

First lines of the synopsis have me screaming from excitement. Yes please!

*The Disappearances By Emily Bain Murphy

Publication Date: July 4th
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

This sounds like a very interesting mystery, full of unexpected surprises and intriguing characters. The plot sounds very fascinating and I think it would've made a perfect thriller/mystery movie!
*Lost Boy: The True Story of Captain Hook
Publication Date: July 4th
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Re-telling, Horror

I love Christina Henry's writing style and I loved her Chronicles of Alice even more! I'm obviously a sucker for re-tellings and anything that has to do with Peter Pan. If this is like Alice in any way, shape or form...I'm jumping up and down like a maniac just thinking about it! No kidding!

*Ash & Quill {The Great Library #3} By Rachel Caine
Publication Date: July 11th
Genres: Young Adult, Historical Fiction

I've been eyeing this series since it came out because I really love Rachel Caine as an author and would love to get my hands on more of her work! The plot sounds very interesting and I really hope I'll be able to get my hand on Ink & Bone soon!

*The Savage Dawn {The Girl at Midnight #3} By Melissa Grey
Publication Date: July 11th
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

I'm very ashamed of it because I actually loved The Girl at Midnight! I need to order the second book ASAP!

Let me know if you're interested in reading any of these!

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