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Monthly Wrap Up - March 2017

Hello and welcome to this month's Blog wrap-up! Here, you can find everything posted on the blog this month. Which books I read and which ones I reviewed, as well as my discussion posts! 

Hope you find this post helpful since everything is displayed here and you can just click on the posts that interest you! 

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So, where reading is concerned, March wasn't my best month. I managed to finish the three books listed below and I'm currently in the middle of two more. So far, March has been my busiest month so, I tried not to overwhelm myself by multitasking. Which can either translate to binge reading (finishing a book and immediately picking up another one) or just reading a lot of them at the same time. As far as that goes, I succeeded and managed to schedule a lot of my posts in order to manage my time a bit better and stop rushing like a crazy woman in order to be on time!

*Shattered Pack {Alpha Girl #6} By Aileen Erin
Rating: 🎈🎈🎈🎈
Would I recommend it?

Definitely!If you're a fan of werewolves and the paranormal genre in general, you'll definitely enjoy Shattered Pack. The first couple of chapters were a bit slow for my liking but, everything kicked off after that. Plus, this is a companion to the previous five so, you don't have to read those in order to pick this one up! 

*Brownlow Baby By Katie Hamstead
Rating: 🎈🎈
Would I recommend it?

No...This was probably one my least favorite books that I have ever read! Which is saying something. The writing was bad, the characters annoying and the plot itself completely underdeveloped.

*Until Friday Night {The Field Party #1} By Abbi Glines
Rating: 🎈🎈🎈
Would I recommend it?

If you're a die hard fan of Abbi Glines - like yours truly - you can try giving this one a chance. Overall, I was very disappointed by it and found it lacking in a lot of ways. I don't regret reading it but, since I've read and loved a lot of Abbi Gline's books, I was expecting something more from this one.

*Shatter Me Trilogy Review By Tahereh Mafi*

*Making Bad Choices By Rita Stradling*

*A Thousand Pieces of You By Claudia Gray*

*Shattered Pack By Aileen Erin*

*Brownlow Baby By Katie Hamstead*

*Until Friday Night By Abbi Glines*

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*Toward A Secret Sky By Heather Maclean*

I'm very excited to be participating on a blog tour for this one! Stay tuned to enter an amazing giveaway and read my review on it! 

*A Quiet Kind of Thunder By Sara Barnard*

I started this at the beginning of the month and it's taking me forever to finish it. The story is very interesting but the pace is super slow which, truth be told, I was expecting since this is a YA contemporary but, still. This was one of my most anticipated reads and I don't know if I should just put it down and pick it up again a bit later or try and finish it now. Because, clearly, I'm not really in the mood for it.
This was a good month for discussions since I managed to post at least one per week. I think I missed posting last week but that's fine. I still managed to complete my goal of incorporating Discussion posts in my blog so, this is definitely an improvement!

{Discussion #1}
{Discussion #2}
{Discussion #3}
{Discussion #4}

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  Last but not least - because I feel like this is going to be the longest post ever - you can check out my 
posts of the month here:

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{Top Ten}

That was it for this month!To conclude the post I want to insert the new blog button that I created. It's the same as my header but, I really like it!
 I hope you find this post helpful and click on the posts that interest you! During the month of April, I have a lot of events planned and I will keep posting at least one discussion and one review per week! 

I just wanted to mention that, I always sign up for the events that I am truly interested in and want to share with you! There will be times when, I'll have a lot of events per week and there will undoubtedly be times when, I will have none. So, it just depends! I think it's a great opportunity for you guys to discover new books and sign up for a lot of exciting giveaways! 

Feel free to comment below letting me know what you did throughout March and if you enjoyed the first month of spring! 

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  1. Looks like you had an awesome month! I haven't read anything by Sara Barnard, but her last book looked so intriguing--sorry this one is slow-going. It's hard to want to continue books that aren't keeping your interest. Happy reading!

    1. It was a very good month! I own her other book -Beautiful Broken Things - but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. And it is very hard to keep reading a book that isn't as interesting as I was expecting it to! Hope you have a great month!

  2. I didn’t have a great reading month in March either. It was just too busy! Happy April!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Hope April is a good reading month for you! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love the layout of this post so much. It's so beautiful! Good luck with your April rwading! <3
    Megan @

    1. Thank you so much!!! That really means a lot! Hope you have a wonderful reading month!

  4. I enjoy the background drawing of your blog very much! I have found that if I'm not in the mood for a book, I start another in a totally different genre or even age group. Sometimes though I have just not finished a book because it still bores me when I go back.

    1. Thank you! I usually end up picking up something of a completely different genre as well! I might go back to a book and give it another chance if I really feel like it but, otherwise, I will DNF it. Maybe read it months later. Thanks for stopping by!


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