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Most Anticipated Book Releases of the Month - April 2017 Edition {Part 1}

Hello and welcome to another Most Anticipated Releases Post.This time, I'm going to split the books in two parts so, there's going to be two posts because there are just too many to fit into one. 

There are so many exciting releases coming out during the month of April and I've never been more overwhelmed. 

Comment below, telling me if you're anticipating the release of any of the books featured in this post. Or if you have read any of these and whether you enjoyed it or not!

Also, feel free to recommend any title that you're anticipating the publication of. I love getting recommendations and adding more books to my 1000+ to-read shelf on Goodreads! 

*The link to Part 2 will be added as soon as I post it! Probably during next Wednesday.*

*The End of Our Story By Meg Haston*
Publication Date: April 4th
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Star-crossed high school relationship, deep buried secrets and shocking revelations, this book seems to have it all! 

*Alex & Eliza: A Love Story By Melissa de la Cruz*
Publication Date: April 11th
Genres: Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Romance

I haven't read any of Melissa de la Cruz's contemporary/romance books but, I'm very interested in this one! The fact that it has elements of historical fiction make it even more intriguing!

*Gem & Dixie By Sara Zarr*
Publication Date: April 4th
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary

I've always wanted to read a Sara Zarr book. So, why not start with this one? Sometime, someday...Hopefully!

*Alex, Approximately By Jenn Bennett*
Publication Date: April 4th
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

This one sounds very different from what I would normally read. Contemporary wise. But it does sound like such a quirky and fun read so, even better!

*Always and Forever, Lara Jean By Jenny Han*
Publication Date: April 4th
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Hopefully, the release of the third book in the series will finally motivate me to pick up To All the Boys I've Loved Before. It's been sitting on my shelves for ages. Literally!

*Zenn Diagram By Wendy Brant*
Publication Date: April 4th
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

This one has some paranormal elements in it as well so, it's definitely not your typical contemporary novel! I'm not sure if magical realism is a better term because it isn't described that way, but if you read the synopsis, I'm sure you'll be as fascinated by it as I am!

*What Girls Are Made Of by Elana K. Arnold*
Publication Date: April 1st
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

This is not a story of sugar and spice and everything nice. Which is enough for me to be intrigued by it! Simple as that. It is categorized as YA, but I feel like it could also have some NA elements, just by reading the synopsis though so, I might be wrong.

*The Upside of Unrequited By Becky Albertalli*
Publication Date: April 11th
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, GLBT, Romance

I've been seeing this around quite a lot lately and I'm really interested in reading in because by taking a look at the synopsis, it sounds like a very interesting and relatable book, full of some very important messages!

*Lucky Girl By Amanda Maciel*
Publication Date: April 25th
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary

This one sounds like a heartbreaking read that deals with some very important - and kind of taboo - topics. I'm very interested in reading this and seeing how the author handled the topic of sexual assault. Not only that, it also explores self-worth and inner beauty, which makes me very eager to read it!

Those were some of my most anticipated releases for the month of April. I know that, most of them are Contemporary but, I have some genre variation in Part 2. I thought I would collect the contemporary reads in this post and include the rest in the next!

Hope you found this helpful and until next time,


  1. Alex & Eliza seems a really interesting book!

  2. Ooh, I just added The End of Our Story to my to be read list. It looks so good!

    I've been wanting to try Jenny Han for a while now, but haven't been able to fit one of her books in yet. Soon, I hope!

    I hope you enjoy these books.

    1. I've been meaning to read one of her books for a very long time. Hopefully, we'll both be able to pick one up soon. They definitely sound right up my alley, I just have to find the time to actually read them. Can't wait to actually pick up at least some of these!


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