Top Ten Tuesday #48 - Top Ten Favorite Books From the last 3 Years

Hello and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday post hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.Today's topic is really interesting because we have to choose our:

"Top Ten Books From the last 3 Years."

A fantastic and extremely difficult topic to be honest but I'm up for the challenge!!!

*Angelbound By Christina Bauer

I'm pretty sure I've featured this particular book in a lot of other posts but...I couldn't not include it because it is definitely one of my all time favorite books.Highly recommend!It's extremely unique and fascinating with a kick-ass and funny main heroine that battles against the forces of evil...And when I say kick-ass...She's perfection!

I've talked about The Coincidence before...Obviously!!It's a new adult novel and it was so damn heartbreaking that I still remember what reading this book felt like.I wasn't a big fan of its sequel even though I had been anticipating its release like crazy.But this one will definitely be mentioned again.Plus it's so easy to get attached to the characters,connect with them and live the story through their eyes!!

*Annie's Song By Catherine Anderson

I don't think that I have talked about Annie's Song before but I definitely should have...It's the first historical romance that I have ever read and I just fell in love.It's so heartbreaking and beautifully written you just can't resist crying!Everything that happens throughout the book affected me deeply and I will try to express those feelings in a future review because I really have a lot to say about this particular book!

*Sweet Peril By Wendy Higgins

I'm really sorry for adding the wrong cover...But Sweet Peril was by far my favorite book from the trilogy.And of course I had to add it to this post.I wasn't really in love with the first book but the sequel actually made me fall in love with the series so...I consider that to be a huge achievement.Mainly because if I don't like the first book in a series it usually goes downhill from there.

*Onyx By Jennifer L. Armentrout

One of the most recent additions to my favorites list,Daemon and Katy seriously rock!The concept is so unique and different and you can easily get lost in the story.It definitely feels like the whole thing is real and happening right in front of your eyes.Perfect choice for a movie or a TV Series.Plus Jennifer L. Armentrout's writing is perfection so that's definitely a plus!

*Beautiful Disaster By Jamie McGuire

This is actually the first NA book that I have ever read and the fact that I'm still in love with it after so much time still surprises me.Particularly because of the fact that I have read so many NA books since then.I keep going back to it and reading my favorite scenes and everything!Highly recommend!

*The Unwanted Wife By Natasha Anders

Another one I haven't mentioned before but should have!This book is...perfection.It is beautifully written and it actually made me cry so many times that I lost count.Seriously...I was so emotional while reading this book.It definitely addresses some issues that we should all take into consideration though so you could say that it has a deeper meaning.I don't know if it will affect you guys like it personally affected me but again...Highly recommend!

*Splintered By A.G. Howard

Splintered is definitely the best retelling I have ever read.I didn't get the chance to continue on with the series but I'll definitely need to reread Splintered before I get my hands on Unhinged.Reading this book for the first time was pure magic.I'm sure the second time will be even more overwhelming!This book is full of twists and so many things happen it's...insane.That's the best way to describe it.A modern,fascinating,unique and beautifully written retelling of the famous classic Alice in Wonderland!

*Vain By Fisher Amelie

Another one that has been mentioned before but it's definitely worth it!Vain took my breath away and helped me see things from a different perspective.It was a wonderful,phenomenal read which of course I highly highly recommend!The story really stole my heart,deeply affected me and made me want to be better!A book about the value of life,the meaning of true friendships,the beauty that comes with loving someone and the importance of it.

*Biting Cold By Chloe Neill

And of course a book from my favorite series couldn't be absent from this list!This is the sixth installment in the Chicagoland Vampires which holds a special place in my heart so of course I'm gonna tell you to go ahead and start the series as soon as you can!Trust won't regret it!

These were some of my favorite books from the last 3 years.Some other ones that weren't mentioned will definitely be featured in other posts...or have been featured in other posts!

What are your favorite books from the last 3 years?