Saturday, 3 May 2014

Cover Revealed : Opposition By Jennifer L. Armentrout {Lux #5}

Since I read Obsidian and got obsessed with the concept of the Lux series and everything it has to do with in general,I've been "stalking" Opposition's Goodreads page to see when the final cover would be revealed... we go...

Am I the only one who finds it ugly??I don't mean to offend anyone and of course I love the series but seriously?I wasn't a big fan of the previous covers but to change the cover of the LAST BOOK in the series?Are they for real?

First of's creepy.Second of all and most important,it won't match the other covers gets worse...

Those are the covers of the bind ups that will be released to match the cover of Opposition.Which I think is completely wrong and unfair.And for what?To force me to buy them so they can match the cover of Opposition?Couldn't they at least release a cover that matched the others as well as this one?

And of course I can't not purchase Opposition because I'm dying to see what will happen in the end.So I'll be forced to do so.And they'll be next to each other,they won't match and I'm gonna get angry and frustrated every time I look at them...

Oh and by the way,they will stop printing the other covers when they are sold completely.So if you like those better than these ones,make sure to get them before it's too late.I already had a hard time finding Onyx so...And I'm gonna get Origin as soon as I can.

That was it?What do you think about the cover?Again,I don't mean to offend anyone,this is my personal opinion!


  1. Oh, they're so mean! I actually just read these from the library editions, but if I owned them, it would drive me crazy too!!! Guess you can't buy books until the whole series is out!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. That is so true!It is so unfair and frustrating.Especially when the cover change happens with the last book in a series.Thanks for stopping by!


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