Sunday, 16 March 2014

Stacking the Shelves #14

Hello and welcome to another Stacking the Shelves,hosted by Tynga's Reviews.Feel free to comment below and leave your links so I can check out what amazing books you got this week!

I've been wanting to read this one for a long time despite the fact that I know nothing about it.I saw it around a couple of times but never bothered learning what exactly it is about...but we'll see how that turns out!

*Darkness Before Dawn By J.A. London
After reading The Coldest Girl in Coldtown back in...November I think I was in the mood for some vampire action and I recently discovered Darkness Before Dawn.It does sound really interesting so I might start it someday during next week.

 I didn't intend to get this one...It just sort of happened.I'm reading a couple of pages every day/week since I got it and it is indeed inspiring and different from everything else I'm used to reading.It's a nice change though.

*Suitcase of Stars By P.D. Baccalario 
This is a middle grade book translated from Italian and it's actually in Greek.It's been a while since I read or bought a Greek book but I'm a sucked for beautiful middle grade books and I will be reading this one soon since it's really things and sounds amazing!

*The Assassin's Blade By Sarah J. Maas
 Isn't this cover perfect?And I took a picture of the back as well so you guys could see how fascinating it is.These are the five novellas before Throne of Glass and I can't wait to learn what happened before.It's perfection and I'll probably read a novella per month-if I don't read it all at once that is-until Heir of Fire comes out!

So that was it!What books did you guys get this week?


  1. I just loved FORGIVE ME LEONARD PEACOCK! It was one of my favourite reads. It can be a little depressing reading it but it's just so thought-provoking and intense!

  2. Nice haul! The Assassin's Blade is one I saw at work and thought of getting but I don't know where in that series it comes. I hope you enjoy your books :) My STS.

    1. The Assassin's Blade includes the 5 novellas that come before Throne of Glass.I think they'll be really interesting and give a lot of information about Celaena's life before!Thanks for stopping by!


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