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Blog Tour - Drowning By Rachel Firasek {Review & Giveaway}

(Tears of Sin #1)
Author: Rachel Firasek
Release Date: October 19th,2013
Publisher: Naedge Publishing

"I dare you." Those words would change adrenaline junkie, Alice Harrison's life forever. She's a party girl that doesn't believe in love until she meets a man that only writes about it. Seth James escaped his overbearing father and moved into one of the James family's vacant condos, hoping to create the music he loves in peace. But the fragile calm he's envisioned shatters when a tiny woman with a world full of energy bounces out of the elevator and nearly takes him out. With the patience of a saint, Seth seeks the dark that keeps Alice from enjoying life. He challenges her to exorcise the demons in her past in order to discover the true meaning of love. But when the walls fall down, the hidden deceptions will bare the ugly truth about a woman drowning in sorrow and a man who may not know how to be her hero. 


 "And when you dare to take on life
I'll be here to watch you survive
Cause I'm drowning in you
Waiting in the deep of this never ending blue." 

 Alice's life has never been easy.And it has been anything but peaceful and happy.The darkness that surrounds her won't let her rest and enjoy life.And the demon itself tortures her every day,with memories she can't forget and thoughts she can't get out of her mind.

"I need to wash away the tears falling from my face.I need to cleanse the ugly thoughts from my body.Remove the memories from my mind."

She didn't have a childhood and her father won't rest until he gets what he wants.She's never felt love and her father scarred her for life.Inside and out.

"This would be my life until E.Harrison died.He'd want me,take me and I'd fight the only way I knew how surviving."

And that's exactly what she's doing.But then she meets Seth.She smacks into him in the elevator and both their lives change.Seth is everything Alice has ever wanted and everything she knows she can't have.She doesn't want to become part of other peoples' lives and hurt them in the process.And it's not easy for Seth either.He wants to show her how to be happy and help her get away from the unbearable pain she's living with.

"No one can look into those sweet eyes and not see her pain.Just be sure it's her you want and not the pain."

"I won't let the evil taint of my life touch those that I love.Not even those that don't want to love me back."

But when the times comes for the truth to come out,and Alice's past is revealed,Seth might not be able to help her.He might not be able to be her hero.And he might give up...

"I don't need a hero.I didn't need one before you and I won't need one now.I'll save myself.I'm pretty good at that."

Will Alice finally find the peace and freedom she's been after for her whole life?And will Seth decide to risk everything for love?

"I may have risked everything for love,but in the end,love risked everything for me."

When I started reading Drowning I didn't know what to expect.At first I felt like everything was a bit slow paced but then I really got into it and couldn't stop reading.This was such a heartbreaking story.What Alice went through really got to me and I couldn't stop thinking about it.I felt really depressed when she revealed what happened to her and how others treated her.How can anyone stand to know that a girl was tortured since she was a child and do nothing about it?That is what angers me and frustrates me the most.

Moving on to the characters.I really loved Alice as a character.She was such a brave,loyal,caring and selfless person.The list goes on and on.She cared about people,she helped people and most importantly,she managed to escape the darkness that surrounded her and find love,happiness and people that cared for her and were determined to set her free.She developed so much as a character and I loved how she handled certain situations.She was such a strong and determined character and that's what really made an impression.She went through so much but she kept going.

Moving on to Seth...I really liked him as a character but sometimes,it was really hard to connect with him and accept his decisions.Everybody makes mistakes and what he did was understandable because nobody is perfect.There's that moment in someone's life when he'll screw up or do something other people won't approve of.And maybe I couldn't connect with him as much as I wanted to because I didn't agree with the things he said or did which really affected other people.I think he really helped Alice to heal and during the process,he developed as a character too.After everything that happened,I'm really satisfied by the fact that he learned from those experiences,good and bad.Alice did too.

And let's not forget about the secondary characters who I loved with all my heart and I can't wait to read their stories.Especially Gabe.He was such an overprotective and caring guy.I fell in love with him from the beginning.I liked Molly as a character but what she did was unacceptable.She could have save Alice but I felt like she didn't care enough to do so.

The story is told by both their perspectives which of course made everything much more enjoyable since we got to read what both of the characters went through and thought about.I think the author could have explained a bit more about their backgrounds and what happened in both their lives.It would certainly explain some things about their pasts which would make these questions running through my mind disappear.The plot was realistic and believable and I really enjoyed the writing.This was a great New Adult story and I can't wait to read more of the author's work.

"I may have been drowning all my life but this man will be my lifeline.I'll be his anchor.Together we'll fucking conquer the world."

Drowning was a quick,enjoyable read.A heartbreaking story about sacrifices,the need a woman has to love and be love and a man who's willing to be her hero.Highly recommend it!

Rachel Firasek spends her days daydreaming of stories and her nights putting the ideas to ink. She has spent a dull life following the rules, meeting deadlines, and toeing the line, but in her made up worlds, she can let the wild side loose. Her wonderful husband and three children support her love of the written word and only ask for the occasional American Idol or Swamp People quality hour.
She has a philosophy about love. It must devastate or it isn’t truly worth loving. She hopes that you all find your devastating love and cling to it with all your heart!

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