Hopeless For You By Hayden Hill {REVIEW}

Hopeless For You
Author:Hayden Hill
Publication Date:23 September 2013
Genres:New Adult,Romance,Contemporary

Ash Jensen, a squeaky-clean sophomore at the University of Tennessee, has a trail of baggage a mile long―she buried her fiancĂ© only a year and a half ago. She swore she'd never love again but when she finds herself interned to a yummy Canadian conservation officer that promise is tested big-time. Kade Gyllenhahl sports wild tattoos, a rebellious attitude and a fohawk to die for. He's definitely the wrong man for her and she knows it. 

Kade doesn't have time for a girl like her. She's a pretentious, unreadable princess who lives her life by her parents' rules. Kade knows nothing about her past and he'd prefer to keep it that way. Besides, he'll lose his job if he sleeps with Ash. Now if only he could get his mind off her. 

When the two of them end up alone and isolated on a routine field trip in the woods, things get a little complicated... 

One man afraid of commitment.
One woman afraid to love again.
Two lives.
Two hearts.
One life-changing journey.

I'll have to start this review with saying that the characters in this book were easy to like and the writing was great.Hopeless For You follows the story of two young people trying to find their way...trying to find who they are.When they meet for the first time,they deny the attraction they so obviously feel for each other and just pretend.Pretend that they don't feel anything because they're both afraid to love.And there's the fact that they're complete opposites.Ash has been doing things to please her parents and Kade is of course the bad ass player.Will they let themselves love and be loved?

I have to admit that I loved Kade and Ash's relationship!They deserved to find their happily ever after and I'm glad they ended up as a couple.The secondary characters were great as well and I fell in love with them from the beginning.I also loved the fact that Ash finally found the courage to do what she wanted in her life and not follow someone else's dreams for her.Kade was an amazing character as well.He went through some things in his life and didn't want to get hurt again.The fact that he kept pushing Ash away was understandable but so frustrating.The plot was really interesting and it was easy to understand what the characters felt and why they did what they did.

This was a book I really enjoyed but didn't fall in love with.The character development was good but the story was really predictable and sometimes,it went from interesting to predictable.Does that even make sense?I didn't expect the story to develop that way...but maybe it's the fact that I expected something different.And it felt like everything was a bit rushed.

With that being said,Hopeless For You was a great and enjoyable read.The characters and plot development and the book in general was great,except from the fact that the story felt a bit predictable at times.Because who doesn't love second chances and happily ever afters?

I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.