Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #17

 Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.Today's topic is "Top Ten Things that make our lives as bloggers easier."

Before I started my blog,I wrote my reviews on Goodreads.I spend most of my days finding books on Goodreads,entering Giveaways and adding more books to my TBR list every single day.It's just so much fun!

A perfect way to get e-book ARCs.You can just sing up an try it.It doesn't mean that they'll give you every book you request.Some times I get books I request and sometimes I don't...But that's okay.

3.Book Depository
Before I discovered the Book Depository,I always found great prices on Amazon and Ebay,but they never shipped to where I am.Or if they did,the shipping cost more than the books and I was always disappointed.But then,I discovered that the Book Depository shipped where I am,and now I just can't stop ordering books!

I love watching videos on YouTube.I learn many new things and my wishlist is always growing because of them!And of course,I love bookshelf tours!

5.Blog Tours
I haven't participated in any blog tours yet but I have two coming up and I'm so excited.I think it's so much fun and I'll probably sing up for more blog tours in the future.

I recently found out how to schedule my posts.It's so helpful and I'm really sad that I didn't discover it earlier.What a perfect thing right?

7.The Library
The library I rarely go to,doesn't have great book because they're only in Greek,but if I want to get a book in Greek and I'm not sure about it,I get it from the library and if I like it,I buy it.Yeah I know...Bad habit since I always buy books I've already read but...

I have a small obsession with bookmarks.I always buy bookmarks because I just can't dog ear the page and damage it.When I get book from the Book Depository,I usually put them inside the book and then when I start reading,I have the bookmark ready!

9.Other Blogs
I love visiting other blogs and find out books I didn't know existed.I also love reading reviews and memes they have on their blog.It's such an interesting thing to do.

10.Comments/Blog Readers
This might be a weird one but I love it when people comment on my posts.It just makes my day and knowing that people actually read what I write and post is such a good thing to keep me going.

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