Bout Of Books Update-Day 5,6 & 7-Final Results

Day 5

Number of Pages Read:
Dance For Me By Helena Newburry-145
Books Finished:3

Day 6

Number of Pages Read:
Faking it By Cora Carmack-304
Books Finished:4

Day 7

Number of Pages Read:
The Battle of the Labyrinth By Rick Riordan-122
Books Finished:4

Number of Pages Read:

Books Finished:
Haunted By Meg Cabot
The Sea of Tranquility By Katja Millay
Dance For Me By Helena Newburry
Faking it By Cora Carmack

Yeahh...I read two books I didn't include in my goals and that means it didn't go well.But...I'm sure there's gonna be a next time so next time...I'll just think about goals that can be completed by reading whatever book I feel like reading at the time...If that makes any sense.And I'm very sorry for posting this late I just couldn't find time.

Happy Reading and I hope you did better and completed your goals!!XD