Perfect Chemistry Series By Simone Elkeles-Book 1-Perfect Chemistry

Perfect Chemistry follows the lives of two students,Alex Fuentes a Mexican and a bad boy at that.He's in a gang called the Latino Bloods and does all that bad stuff.He drinks and he has a bad reputation.Brittany Ellis is the perfect girl with the perfect life.But that's on the surface.Everybody thinks that her life is wonderful,but they're wrong.So what happens when two different people,fall completely and helplessly in love and are determined to go against the odds and make it work?

At first,I didn't want to risk reading this book because I thought I wouldn't like it.It was at that time when I wasn't into that kind of stuff and I just had the book sitting there.But I really wanted to read it and now that I'm more into contemporary and romance and all that good stuff,I decided to finally pick this book up.And I read it in like...a day.I couldn't put it down.Compared to other books,it was quite short but it doesn't mean that I enjoyed it less.

Both of the characters are trying to survive everything the world and its people throw their way.But while doing that,they build a wall and pretend to be some people they are not.When Alex meets Brittany and Brittany meets Alex...and their worlds collide,it's obvious that they were meant for each other.But they can't admit.Instead they stay and behave like others want them to.Brittany because of her mother and Alex because of the Latino Blood.He has to be tough in front of the gang because if he screws up,his family is going to pay.He knows that he wants something he can't have and he lets that control his actions.

I fell in love with Alex because under all that toughness,hides a caring young man.He's not perfect.Nobody is.He's an amazing character,even though sometimes,he made some wrong choices.For example,when he let the love of his life get away.In the end he went against what everyone believed and did something with his life.

I also loved Brittany.Even though she's really rich and has everything she would want,she is down to earth.Her problems show us and prove to some people that even people that seem fine and have everything they could ever want,have real problems and suffer.She is a loving and caring person and I loved her relationship with her sister.Her home life was really difficult because of the fact that she had to keep up the pretense of being perfect and reaching her parents' expectations.I strongly believe that she was the reason Alex,did what he did with his life.She inspired him to make his life better.

After reading this book,Alex and Brittany have become one of my favorite couples.I could have written more things of course,about why I loved this book so much but I believe what I've already written is enough!